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In these pages I will be showing you no less than 3 separate forms of numerology.

For starters; I will show you the meanings of your birthday, followed by the meanings of your name and how to form a complete chart, also I will later discuss a little known numerology square, called a yantra which is useful for a quick, basic personality profile.


Basic Numbers


First let us look at the basics before diving in head first.

All numbers can be reduced to a single digit, (including the letters of your name) using the technique known as theosophical reduction.

For example: The number 49 can be reduced to the number 4 by adding the digits in 49.

4+9=13, 1+3=4 so therefore 49=4.

It is suggested that the higher numbers, those above 9, are only higher vibrations of the prime numbers* and as such, hold similar meanings. Let us now look at some basic meanings to the numbers.

1. An odd number, introverted, masculine, ruled by the sun.

Key words; courage, individualism, leadership, independence, achievement.

2. An even number, extrovert, feminine, ruled by the moon.

Key words; cooperation, peacemaker, diplomacy, tact, persuasion, adaptability.

3. An odd number, introvert, ruled by Jupiter.

Key words; joy, creativity, self-expression.

4. An even number, extrovert, ruled by the sun.

Key words; order, work, discipline, limitations, practical.

5. An odd number, introvert, ruled by mercury.

Key words; versatile, active, free, independent, progressive, accepting of change.

6. An even number, extrovert, ruled by Venus.

Key words; responsibility, humanitarianism, justice, harmony.

7. An odd number, introvert, ruled by Neptune.

Key words; wisdom, understanding, truth, analysis, spirituality, specialization.

8. An even number, extrovert, ruled by Saturn.

Key words; organization, judgment, balance, material success, authority, power.

9. An odd number, introvert, ruled by mars.

Key words; selflessness, encompassing, humanitarianism, forgiveness, charity, brotherhood.

  The Master Numbers

There are also some additional numbers believed to hold significance known as 'the master numbers', these include:

11. Odd number, extrovert, feminine, ruled by the moon.

Key words; inspiration, revelation, idealism, illumination.

22. Even number, extrovert, ruled by the sun.

Key words; master builder

33. Odd number, extrovert, ruled by Venus.

Key words; service, humanitarianism, altruism, charity.

44. Even number, extrovert, ruled by Saturn.

Key words; divine guidance.

The first number we will look at is known as the life path number.

  Life Path Number

To find your life path number all you have to do is add the day, month, and year of your birthday then reduce the sum to a single digit.

If you were born on 5-7-1961 you would add:



Note: We do not reduce the additional numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44, as they are master numbers.

Now that you have your life path number what does it mean?

Your life path number refers to the type of job we should have and also a basic idea of your personality. It is often considered the most important of all the numbers. You can use the basic meanings of the numbers above to get an idea.

  Life Path Number Meanings

You can use these additional meanings to see the type of work most in tune to your life path number

1. inventor, director, writer, engineer, salesperson, promoter, aviator, executive, entrepreneur, lawyer, administrator.

2. musician, entertainer, statistician, banking, mechanic, technician, artist, programmer, host, mediator.

3. artist, cosmetician, musician, actor, writer, speaker, advertiser, public speaker, drama, psychic pursuits.

4. builder, contractor, mechanic, accountant, business owner, manager, real estate agent, architect, labourer.

5. travel agent, promoter, publicist, investor, newspaper writer, politician, analyst, detective, occultist, salesman, film director, advertising.

6. singer, decorator, artist, painter, teacher, educator, nurse, advisor, beautician, social worker, counsellor, lawyer, speaker.

7. scientist, chemist, mathematician, medicine, law, occult studies, criminologist, surgeon, dietician, cinematographer.

8. publisher, writer, banker, government worker, financer, supervisor, athlete, hospital administrator, commodities broker, archaeologist, antiques dealer.

9. dramatist, artist, literary agent, painter, philanthropist, journalist, restaurant owner, entertainer, oil magnate, missionary, doctor, lecturer, orator.

11. theatre, entertainment, voice, politics, communication, psychic, healer, aviator, television, minister.

22. founders of large institutions, international businessmen, bankers, statesmen, diplomats.

33. artistic, high level educational, healing.

44. any field where, mental superiority, discipline, bravery, are required.

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The next number I would like to briefly mention is the Birthday Number

  Your Birthday Number

Your birthday number is simply your birth 'day'. If you were born on the 16th your birthday number would be 16.

This number tells a bit of the vocation you would have around the ages of 28-56.

You can use the above meanings to get an idea, basically think of this number as a focal point to what you should strive for balance in profession.

Now I would like to mention the number known as your Personal Year Number.

  Your Personal Year Number
  Your Personal Year Number will be important when doing an actual chart.

Our Personal Year number tells us clearly what forces are in effect during each year, to compute your personal year you first need to reduce the current year to one digit.


In this case 3, now just add 3 to your month and day of birth, then reduce to a single digit.

1. progress, beginnings, change.

2. dualities, stress, waiting period.

3. socializing, creative expression, communication.

4. practical, foundations, organized.

5. impulsiveness, freedom from restriction, uncertainty.

6. peace and harmony, domestic responsibilities, family.

7. rest, retreat, meditation, reflection.

8. business, advancements, hard work.

9. year of endings and completions.

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Next we will consider your name, and later how to make a chart.

  Your Name

Using the chart below you can see how all the letters in your name can be converted into a number.

If your name is Jennifer in numbers it would be 1 5 5 5 9 6 5 9.

Now lets take it a step further, you would then write the vowels in your name slightly above, as in this sample chart I made for a made up name 'Mr. Beer'.

As you can see I gave this guy a birth date of 10-16-67.


You may have noticed the (very faint) words soul urge, expression and quiescent. I'll get to those in a moment, for now just notice that the vowels are placed above.

Your first name deals with the mental/physical.

Your middle name deals with the emotional.

Your last name deals with the spiritual.

Why do we place the vowels separate?

To find the 'soul urge' and the 'quiescent' easier.

For starters we will look at the 'soul urge'.

  Soul Urge Number
  The soul urge number is found by adding together all the vowels in your full name, and then reducing to a single digit. The soul urge number tells us what really motivates someone.

1. courageous, natural leader, loves to head important projects.

2. gentile, loving, strives to work peacefully and harmoniously in union with others.

3. inspired, loves beauty and joy, friendship.

4. practical, lover of work and order, loves regularity and consistency.

5. craver of freedom, change, travel, variety.

6. lover of home and family, loyal.

7. introspective, philosophical.

8. daring, courageous, loves power, authority.

9. compassion, forgiving nature.

You will also notice a second number on the right of the soul urge number.

  The Soul Urge Challenge Number
  The 'soul urge challenge number' represents the negative aspects, and is found by subtracting the first vowel in your name from the last, or vice-versa.

1. A need to develop leadership.

2. A need to learn to cultivate tact.

3. A need to learn to be ambitious.

4. A need to learn to be organized.

5. A need to learn to let go and move on.

6. A need to learn to adjust to circumstances.

7. A need to learn to seek wisdom and truth.

8. A need to learn to be more materialistic yet practical.

9. A need to learn to be more caring and kind.

The next number I want to talk about is known as the 'quiescent self'.

  Quiescent Self Number
  The 'quiescent self'number tells us how other people view you, and is found by adding the consonants in your name.

1. You appear to have a dominant personality, possessing leadership qualities.

2. You appear to get along well with others.

3. You appear to be bubbly, sociable.

4. You appear to be a pillar of strength to others.

5. You appear to be flashy, popular.

6. You appear to be caring, more a parent to friends.

7. You appear to be wise, knowledgeable, quiet.

8. You appear to be energetic, workaholic.

9. You appear to be big brother/sister, sympathetic.

There are also the quiescent self challenges;

  Quiescent Self Challenges Number
  Like to the soul urge challenge number, the quiescent self challenge number is found by subtracting the largest consonant from the smallest. (either the first from the last or vice-versa). These are the things you must guard against seeming to others;

1. You need to guard against seeming selfish.

2. You need to guard against seeming overly sensitive.

3. You need to guard against overeating, binges.

4. You need to guard against seeming stubborn.

5. You need to guard against seeming impulsive, irresponsible.

6. You need to guard against seeming opinionated, bossy.

7. You need to guard against seeming restrictive, moody.

8. You need to guard against seeming aggressive.

9. You need to guard against seeming careless, overanxious, forgetful.

The next number we will consider is the 'expression number'.

  Expression Number
  The 'expression number' provides insight on how to be successful.

The 'expression number' is found by adding together all 3 of your names, first middle, last, and reducing to a single digit using theosophical reduction.

1. You must cultivate a pioneering spirit.

2. You must bring about balance.

3. You must create, entertain.

4. You must bring about order, system.

5. You must cultivate a free spirit.

6. You must serve others.

7. You must seek wisdom and truth.

8. You must cultivate big business, government.

9. You must work for the brotherhood of man.

Like the soul urge number and quiescent self number the expression number also has its challenges.

  Expression Challenges Number
  To find your expression challenge number, add the soul urge challenge number, and quiescent self challenge number together then reduce to a single digit. These are the things that you must learn to be successful.

1. You need to learn to be daring, original.

2. You need to learn to be diplomatic.

3. You need to learn to be creative.

4. You need to learn to be organized.

5. You need to learn to be progressive.

6. You need to learn to adjust.

7. You need to learn to be truthful.

8. You need to learn to be balanced.

9. You need to learn to be caring.

It is now time to construct an actual chart. I'll show you all the numbers in turn, and how I got them, where they go, and how to read it.

  The Numerical Chart

For a chart I once again turn to the made up 'Mr. Beer'.


Start by numbering from 1 to whatever the ages you want to look over, (this is the second line from the top on the above chart), as you can see I went up to 10 on this chart, each of these numbers represent a given age of the person and is useful in divining when something is going to happen (what age) now above each age we put in the personal year of the person. Or, as I do, take the life path number (in this case 4) and add 1 to each consecutive year, putting these numbers on top of the age numbers. (you will notice after you hit 9 with this begin over with 1, and so on).

The next step is to put the first name below the age, using the earlier chart you noticed no doubt that each letter = a number also each letter lasts for the same amount of years as its number, so the letter j in John lasts but one year but the letter h lasts for 8 years and would be repeated 8 times on the chart (see above).

We do the same for the middle and last names.

You will notice lines below some of the names, these are the 'essence numbers'.

  Essence Number
  The essence of the year, determines what type of things will be going on that year.

To find the essence of (say) year one (age=1) add together all the letters in the row, top to bottom, in this case.

J+A+B or to convert into numbers. 1+1+2=4.

The essence for age 1 is 4.

By the way we do not reduce the essence to a single number just yet because we need both the numbers, so we write this number as (in the case of say a 19 essence).

19/10/1 (see above).

The essences can be viewed as a stage one goes through, and lasts for as many years as the numbers equal the same number.

This is known as an essence transit.

Here is a chart of the essence number meanings.

1's. suddenness, change, movement, redirection.

10. tough decisions.

19. tests of characters.

2's. slow down, co-working, peace, harmony, slow-growth.

11. sudden marriage, divorce, misunderstandings, delays, fears.

20. time needed to manifest, issues, boredom.

3's. pleasant, creative, colourful, gullible, love affairs, trips emotions.

12. fun, indulgence, scattered forces, little lasting, spats.

21. emotional confusion, watch out for friends and family trying to scam you.

4's. practicality, order, budgeting.

13. slow down to practicality.

22. awakening in capabilities.

5's. colourful, adventurous, forced to change, active.

14. fluctuating finance, competitive, overcome difficulties.

23. travel, career change, over burden, unique, unusual change.

6's. family, caring, children, selfishness is bad during this transit, may cause divorce.

15. domestic responsibility.

24. more confining responsibility in regards to family.

7's. study, specialization, analization.

16. a test.

25. heavy investigation.

8's. advancement in profession.

17. great in business.

26. worst in finance.

9's. dramatic, compassionate.

18. possibility of activity in large corporations.

27. excellence in unusual occupations.

When the essence number matches the personal year number (after reduction) we have what is known as a double whammy or negative aspect of the year.

  The Year
  1. lack of focus, overactivity.

2. bad health, disappointment, nervousness.

3. stressed nerves, scattered.

4. over work, limitations.

5. irresponsible sexual activities, negative use of free time.

6. too much responsibility.

7. constraint, depression.

8. financial loss.

9. sacrifice, loss, oppressive emotions.

We will now look at the actual letters.

  The Letters
  The following meanings are attributed to the letters if found in first name/middle name.

A. move, trip, major change/beginnings, marriage.

B. high strung, nervousness/emotional, broken relationship.

C. happiness, joy/laid back, positive, love.

D. travel due to ill relatives/abusive relationships.

E. instability, change of residence/mood swings, romance.

F. family responsibilities/same but less severe.

G. shy, quiet/anger, temper.

H. unsteady in romance/love down but money up.

I. outbursts, negative family emotions from the past/selfishness, break-ups.

J. recognition, responsibilities/chaotic domestic situation.

K. hidden fears/unconfident, secretive.

L. health, romance, trips/happy+ ,contentment, great marriage.

M. relocation, bad health/secret affairs of the heart.

N. sudden changes/cant tell lust from love.

O. family stability, health/responsibility, birth.

P. secret, withdrawn/early sex, promiscuity.

Q. move to an impressive home, wealth/financial fluctuation.

R. accidents, destructive behaviour/misfortune, loss, sorrow.

S. sudden move, job, love/temporary break ups, unstable home.

T. gain of money, property/marriage against all odds, search for true love.

U. family friction, slow financial gains, emotional endings, bad feelings for years.

V. luck/new experiences, friends.

W. instability, sudden moves/emotional upsets, end of major affair start of new.

X. secrecy, up and downs, fame, infamy/sudden emotional upsets.

Y. accident prone/overindulgence, secrets, loneliness.

Z. big ego, push wishes on others.

Whenever we have the same letter in the first and middle or last name, it points out another type of double whammy.

  The Recurring Letters
  AA. no focus, scattered.

BB. over emotional.

CC. motion, accidents.

DD. bad health.

EE. over indulgences in sex, drugs, eating.

FF. family problems.

GG. treachery, odd illnesses.

HH. over strain, over work, over reach.

II. high emotional turbulence.

JJ. more responsibility.

KK. fear of breakdown, scattered nerves.

LL. active, sinus problems.

MM. bad health, with full recovery.

NN. terrible accidents, car, fall.

OO. emotional especially in family.

PP. mystery, hidden, secret.

QQ. over activity, high intensity situations.

RR. accident prone, overindulgent, theft while travelling.

SS. nervous break down possible.

TT. deception, treachery.

UU. unhappiness, overeating, indulging.

VV. crippled, bad medical advice, malpractice.

WW. extreme caution in everything.

XX. physical or emotional cross to bear.

YY. introspect, depression, loneliness.

ZZ. stress, pressure to achieve.

We will now read this chart for 'Mr. Beer'.

  The Numerical Chart Re-Visited

Looking above we see for the age of 1 Mr. beer had an essence of 4, meaning he was a very practical child. You will notice I put the A and J together as an essence 'double whammy', even though they are not actually the same letter, because they both reduce to the number1, so the whammy will still be in effect, but to a smaller degree.

Important note: When constructing a chart always use the persons maiden name, and not the married name which in my studies, holds little value to a reading.

At the young age of two, you can see an addition of domestic responsibility, that might suggest the birth of a sibling, or that he was left to fend for himself a lot.

The age of six is very interesting for a number of reasons. First off the A in the middle name along with the personal year of one tells of a major change, probably of a move, the essence of three seems to imply it was a positive move for Mr. Beer. I would say his parents split up the year before and he was sent to a family member for a year till his mother got him back the following year.

And so on.

We will now consider the Yantra.

  The Yantra
  The yantra is a simple personality profile made by converting your birth date into a type of magical square.

The actual conversion is simple arithmetic and is shown by the following chart

Here are the meanings of each box

A. the birth 'month'.

B. the birth 'day'.

C. the birth 'year'.

D. the life path number (explained earlier).

E. enthusiasm, what really turns them on.

F. family, how they relate in regards to family.

G. generosity, how generous they are to friends and family.

H. humanitarianism, how generous they are to strangers.

I. intuition, what they are great with in intuition skills.

J. joys, hobbies, interests.

K. karma, where they messed up last life and what to learn in this.

L. love, in regards to relationships.

M. money, type of job, how they deal with finance.

N. nurturing, what they can start from a seed and grow.

O. opportunities, where opportunities can come from.

P. philosophy, basic ideals the person may have, type of religion.

Feel free to use the basic number chart at the beginning of this page and use your intuition.

Remember to reduce each number in the box in your head before reading, but keep the full number in the square (or else it wont add up correctly). All the rows and both diagonals must add up to the same number, and will as long as you follow the chart above.

  You may have noticed that I mentioned little of the master numbers, this is due to the fact that I use them little, as more times than not the power of the master number will be too much for an individual to hold, and will then regress to its reduced number.

This is not to say that they will hold bearing and should be taken in regards to the readings, on a case by case basis.

As you can see it looks very complex, but is actually rather simple.

Practice, memorization and having faith in your own readings will serve a diviner well.



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