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Lesson Seven-The Merkaba


A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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We recommend that you begin and end each Lesson with a short meditation of ten minutes duration, as your body and mind need to be calm and relaxed to achieve the best spiritual/psychic results.

To assist you to visualise the merkaba spiritual vehicle you may like to construct your own star tetrahedrons.

Make A Star Tetrahedrons

The Amazing Merkaba


  A merkaba is a type of spiritual vehicle that totally surrounds you. It is part of your Light Body. It is the shape of a star tetrahedrons. Some of you will recognise this as the star of David, Melchizadek star or current Light Worker's symbol. It does not represent one particular religion, but is a Universal symbol.

This symbol has been used as a psychic tool for many thousands of years in various occult societies. It allows you to connect your energies with other higher energies and spiritual Beings in the upper layers and higher dimensions. You can learn to connect with and use your Merkaba vehicle by following simple exercises daily.

Note: Protection is essential before commencing any spiritual exercise. It should become a daily habit before rising and before going to sleep at night to ensure your psychic security.

While performing your Merkaba exercise, you may find yourself in a heightened state, which may make you feel spacey or disoriented. Do not drive, operate machinery, drink alcohol etc while in this heightened state. Allow yourself time to ground yourself and return to your normal 3rd Dimensional state.

While in this state, use the accumulated energies to heal, manifest, talk with Spirit etc.

When you are finished always Ground yourself by washing your hands, touching earth or a tree and walking barefooted.

  Linking In To The Cosmic Grid

  The Christ Consciousness Grid or Cosmic Grid is an energy field (mesh-like) which surrounds Earth. It contains Universal energies, which if 'tapped into', can assist healing, knowledge and manifestation for the Highest Intent.

We suggest that you pre record this exercise and then replay it when relaxed. Begin by surrounding yourself in a white protective light and ask your angelic guides to help you with this exercise. See the protection techniques in lesson six.

1. Visualise yourself in your merkaba vehicle (a three dimensional six pointed star), Your merkaba is similar to a space ship or time capsule, that can take you through space and the higher dimensions safely.

2. Visualise yourself rising up from this place and out into space.

3. Float up to the Cosmic Grid. It has a silver mesh-like appearance and consists of intertwined strands of cosmic energy.

4. Lock the topmost point of your Merkaba vehicle into one of the holes in the cosmic grid.

5. Feel yourself merging with the Grid and it's powerful and loving energies flowing through you. Enjoy this for a few minutes.

6. Think of someone who needs healing and send healing light and love to that person. Your energy will be magnified due to the interaction of the Grid. Pause for a few minutes.

7. Think of something you wish to have or manifest, for your highest good. It may be something abstract, such as world peace or a solid object, such as a new home or car. Visualise the combined energies of the Cosmic Grid bringing this object to you and positive results coming from its manifestation. Never think of negative results or situations while linked to the Grid, as these may be amplified. Concentrate for a few minutes.

8. Ask the Grid to send you Higher Knowledge that may help you with your spiritual path and everyday life situations. Listen for a few minutes.

9. Thank the Grid for its energies and gently release the point of your merkaba from the grid hole and slowly float down to the room. Now Ground yourself, before resuming normal activities. Say aloud; "All of my chakras are closed down to a safe level and any surplus energy I may have, within me, is sent out of my feet into the ground."

10. You may like to record your experiences in a special book, for further reference.

  Summary Of Lesson Seven

The Merkaba or six pointed star shape, creates heightened states of spiritual and psychic energy, for healing, protection, manifestation, spiritual contact etc. You can link into the spiritual power of the Cosmic Grid to achieve greater psychic power. You should always use it for the Highest motives and with Unconditional Love.

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