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Spiritual Development Course

A Complete 12 part Spiritual development Class

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The Abbotts freely give higher spiritual knowledge including ebooks, lessons, articles and channelling to enlightened people of all religions and beliefs.



Welcome. The world of the paranormal is indeed an intriguing and remarkable experience. We will guide you through our Spiritual and Psychic Development classes, so that your psychic abilities will increase ten fold.

Everyone would love to be able to see and understand the meaning of the human auric fields. We will explain how to see this amazing phenomena, and put it into daily use, so that you can 'read' other people's auras, and understand their emotions and thoughts.

Our class on finding the chakric centres of the body and learning to cleanse them for better health, can become the basis of your own spiritual healing work.

Tony J. and Robyn Abbott are Spiritual Writers and Teachers who have conducted Spiritual Development Groups for both beginners and advanced students of the paranormal, over many years.

Tony J. and Robyn Abbott felt there was a need for a practically written course that an individual or small group, could follow at their own pace, to encourage their psychic and spiritual gifts, and teach them about Spiritual matters on an easily understandable level and also be lots of fun.


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