Twenty One Life Rules

A Quick Fix To Become Calm.


Yuan Dynasty Zhao Mengfu

Yuan Dynasty Zhao Mengfu ink on paper Hand scroll
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, America.


If you are not outside, go outside.

Look around until you see Two Pine Trees. You may need to walk for a while until you get to know where the nearest, or the most powerful pine trees are. NB: If you are not able to locate two pine trees near you, you can create them in your imagination.

Stand between the Two Pine Trees.

Feel the calming energy radiating from Two Pine Trees, surrounding you, and beginning to encompass you.

Exhale completely to expel all of your anxious energy. Inhale deeply and fill your lungs with the calming energy of the Two Pine Trees, which is a gift from the universe.

Continue to breathe out your anxious energy, and breathe in the calming energy until you feel calm, and even relaxed.

When you are calm you can return to what you were doing, but you may have become so relaxed that you need to sleep first.