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The Mountain Spiral

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The Archangel's Pen

A Message From Archangel Michael, March 2004
Through Carolyn Ann O’Riley.

Greetings and Loves Washes From The Creator My Beautiful Beings of Light.

We meet again, do we not, to assist each and every one of you to raise your vibrations.

The Creator desires that each one of you hold as much of the Creator's Light as One can handle. It is needed to return all to the pristine perfection that you are all desiring to reunite with.

Breathe in deeply, just let it all out with a deep sight and now breathe in deeply again. Feel the Love Essence that The Creator is showering you with. Feel the love washes one right after love another. Just allow the Love Essence to go where ever it is needed in the body My Beloveds.

Many of you feel your bodies are out of sorts and straining to adjust to the new energies that are coming in daily. Some are feeling very tired and just need more rest. Just allow, My Beautiful Divine Light Beings, your Angels will assist you in assimilating the energies if you ask for their help. Be kind to the bodies and understand their stresses and strains to evolve as your spiritual self unfolds to reveal more and more of your brilliant essence.

The bodies that you currently occupy have so much old programming and belief system agenda that it is very difficult for the new energies to properly find vacant spaces in which to fill and expand.

Daily clearing and cleansing rituals and exercises would be extremely helpful for all of you. You may call on your Guardian Angels or Guides to assist you daily or even call upon This Messenger to daily help you remove all that no longer serves your highest good.

The more space you clear the more new energies you can accommodate My Beloveds. While you are doing your clearings also ask that any disincarnates or energy draining entities be removed from your fields.

Many do not realize My Beautiful Light Warriors that the brilliance of your essence attracts many who are not capable yet of holding any light so it is very much like a moth that is drawn to a flame. It is necessary for you to consider this when clearing and give intention for those entities to be handed over to your Angels and taken into the light for transformation and re-qualification.

All, of course My Divine Beings of Light, is done in the name of The Highest of Intentions within the Universe for the Good of All Concerned.

Your health is very important and your clearing is connected to many health issues. Your energy levels My Beloveds are also connected to your clearing exercises. Look within each of your Chakra Systems and address any imbalances that you find there.

Ask your Angels and Guides to assist you in balancing and harmonizing your energy centres with that of the Universal Field of Intention and Love.

This will help you focus My Beautiful Beings of Light on those things that are of the highest priority on your path.

These are your times. You asked to be here during these final monumental moments in Now. You stood in line and were appointed to come here to fulfil your mission in the grand scheme of The Creator's Master Blueprint for each moment in Now.

Without proper energy you will find yourself floundering trying to just exist in a 3D world.

The energy infusions My Beloveds are so important in helping your rise above that 3D void to do your work. Many are way above the 5D in their work but many many many are still not even at the awakening stage yet. The process is individual but the rewards are on a higher level all connected to The One.

The more work you do to clear your own self the higher you will rise and assist another to come along behind you on your ascending path upward.

Visualize this path as a steep cliff with a narrow footpath with steps in a spiral formation around the mountain.

You My Beloveds are half way up the cliff with many many following you. A few are a few feet in front of you and only 2 or 3 are three quarters of the way up. As you go higher the more energy you have absorbed. This allows you to rise to the next step on the spiral.

This is what ascension is about My Beautiful Beings of Light. You are ascending on this glorious spiral as you progress along your chosen path.

As you meditate and clear daily you will find that your own answers will just pop out at the most unexpected times. The Ah Ha moments are growing more frequent are they not My Beautiful Beings of Light.

You are all now viewing from higher perspectives and can see The Creator at work with those beginning their ascent. You are beginning to see the synchronicity in the moment instead of trying to call it coincidence. We are so proud of your growth and efforts My Beloveds.

All your Angels and Guides desire to assist you to climb yet higher.

With your permission This Messenger will take you on a meditative journey to assist you further in your work.

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for a while. You may either sit or lay down which ever is more comfortable for you. Cover your physical self with a light blanket if you chill easily. You want no distractions during your meditations so always make sure the physical vessel is comfortable.

Invite in at this moment all that you would have join you on this adventure.

In your imagination ask through prayer for The Creator to send you down a protective Ray of White Light by saying "My Creator I ask for a protective Ray of White Light to enfold me and lift me up so that I may experience the very highest of vibrations during this journey into my most inner depths of understanding and Being. I am protecting myself from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I thank you My Creator for assisting me by sending this Ray that is now coming down through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into this physical form, permeating all that is within this Beingness's presence."

The Creator has gifted you with a Iridescent Diamond White Ray and an Iridescent Gold Ray for this journey. These are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel, permeating through out all of your energies fields into all corners of the area that you are in, then exiting through your Crown Chakra. The Rays are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a circular motion.

Your breathing in and out is now forming a figure eight around your essence. The sign of Infinity is rhythmically continuing over and over again with each in breath and out breath.

You are now divinely protected and nothing can even communicate with you that is not for your highest good with out your permission at this moment.

If it helps you to visualize by identifying your ego with a symbol or object please do so.

Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is to only be an observer on this journey.

Breathe in deeply My Divine Light Beings and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being Divinely guided into this meditation. Breathe in deeply and know that you are breathing to the Pulse of The Creator. Listen to The Creator's heart beat and feel the love that courses through you each time you think about this moment.

Breathe in deeply allowing and seeing within your imagination your Guardian Angels join you and take your etheric hand to guide you into your Spiritual Heart Chakra.

Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and special invited guests are now within your Spiritual Heart Chakra and as you locate and turn the door knob of the Golden Door that says 'To My Highest Guidance Within' you cross over the threshold.

You find yourself in a white marble corridor. You notice many many doors but are guided to walk to the one that seems to be jarred open a bit.

Your Angels walk with you as you open the door the rest of the way. You notice that directly on the other side of the door is a window that looks out over a canyon. You notice this cliff that spirals into the clouds that your Angels are helping you to understand is infinite within itself. The Mountain spirals upward forever and ever.

Your Angels help you to understand that you are in evolutionary motion at all times and will always have higher and higher growth opportunities. You smile as you think about yourself being in a constant construction mode. You mentally picture the detour signs and construction work all around yourself. You just have to laugh out loud picturing this in your minds eye. You stand their mentally in your own hard hat and construction gloves as you look at your own set of blueprints trying to make heads or tails of your next step in the construction of the you that you really are.

Your Angels are now sharing your mental picture and everyone is just laughing and laughing. You realize that this is a valid picture and that you have been under construction for a very long time.

Your Angels guide your purpose of this visit back to the mountain on the other side of the canyon. The Angels hand you some binoculars so that you can see clearly.

You see that there is a line of people all progressing at a slow pace working their way towards the mountain and then there are those as you look closer that are beginning their ascent up the spiral steps.

You focus your binoculars even sharper now and notice that at each step rung there is a cave in the mountain. As you watch you notice that the person that has just reached that steps goes into the cave next to the step.

The Angels explain that you are on that mountain. They guide your binoculars half way up. You stop and can't believe yourself there you are. You are fixing to take another step.

Your Angels then help to transport your essence to the you that you really are so that you join Your Higher Essence for this step.

You find yourself going into the cave like room next to the step. There you find that you are guided to sit in front of a window that looks out into infinity.

The Angels ask you to close your eyes and clear your thoughts for a moment. You do as they ask. They tell you that you will receive the necessary information to ascend to the next step of your spiral. You are then asked to open your eyes, your spiritual heart and mind so that you can receive the Universal message that this moment has for you.

You focus and centre and balance all your energies then you open your eyes and look into the window for the message that is there for you at this moment in Now.

Allow this time to receive all the message and when you sense that the message has ended tell your Angels.

Breathe in deeply and allow this message to fully integrate and speak to your Soul.

You sense an instant calm about yourself and a clear knowing that all is as it should be. You've no need to question the information but find peace with it and know that it is the most perfect step for you at this moment in Now.

You take another moment or two and then tell your Angels it is time to leave. You tell them you have much work to do to continue upward on the spiral. You know that this step is a huge one and will require some time, but you have seen the need and clear spiritual direction to take it.

You go back outside on to the step and look upward. The line is thinning as you see fewer and fewer people on the mountain ahead of you and even fewer as you look higher and higher. You look behind you and the line continues to grow longer and longer.

Your Angels tell you that your Higher Self will remain in its spot here on this step and you are to return to do your work within the Earth Plane. The Angels explain that you have now remembered the way so that you can return at anytime when you sense it is time to take another step higher with your Higher Self's assistance.

You sense another piece of the veil has been removed because you now see more of the larger picture. Your awareness has been expanded twelve fold.

Your Angels help you walk back over the threshold door and back into the white marble corridor. You sense a new aura about yourself and can actually see it in the spiritual mirror hanging in the corridor.

You are directed back into your Spiritual Heart Chakra, your Angels take you back to your human form waiting on you with your Guardian Angels by it's side.

You re-enter your physical vessel. When you are ready wiggle your fingers and your toes and open your eyes.

You feel such a sense of purpose as you begin to go about your day.

Remember always that you are loved more than any Earthly language can ever communicate.

I Am Archangel Michael,
The Creator’s Messenger,
of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light and Grace.

Permission is granted to share this channelling with others, provided you do so in it’s entirety and give appropriate credit for the channelling.

Those desiring to publish this material are granted permission to do so at no charge. We do ask that it be published in it entirety and that Carolyn Ann O’Riley be notified and sent a copy of the publication for tracking purposes.

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