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This is a wonderful visualization technique used to cleanse our aura or our personal energy. We all have a physical body, and we all have an aura or energy body. Whatever happens to our aura manifests itself in our physical body. For example, when we bruise ourselves it is our aura that is damaged first, and then our physical body shows the black and blue mark.

We can also collect other people's energy within our own auras. People can 'dump' their emotional garbage on us, and we can store other people's negative energy with our own energy. Other people's negative energy can affect our mood, and our relationship with others. Our energy needs to be cleansed periodically, or more often if we, or the people around us, have a negative attitude.

This visualization is similar to The Cleansing Pool visualization, but is more suited for those of us who are afraid of water.


We can use this visualization:

  • before any meditation session.
  • before we go to sleep.
  • after a party.
  • after being surrounded by many people.
  • after a stressful event, such as a funeral, a job interview, or even an argument.
  • anytime we feel a cleansing is needed.
  • on a daily basis as a preventative measure.

The Technique


The first step in completing The Cleansing Shower visualization, is to say our Cleansing Prayer. It is the energy and love that comes from a Higher Power Filled With Light And Love, that enables us to cleanse our energy.

We may add a line to our Cleansing Prayer that asks that the Infinite Source to send the proper energy to cleanse any negativity surrounding our personal energy.

We each have different stresses, and we pick up different energies throughout the day. We need cleansing energy which is suited to our particular needs. We need to accept that cleansing energy will be given, and we need to allow ourselves to feel the positive energy.


A Sample Prayer:


To the Infinite Source Filled with Love and Light…..

Please guide, guard and protect me from any negativity within my energy. Surround me in your Light and your Love, and help me be free of any negativity that influences me. Allow only your positive energy to flow through me, and surround me. Help me to remain positive in my thoughts, and allow love to flow from me. Send the energy which will remove any negativity that I have acquired or generated throughout the day.



The Shower...


After we say our prayer, it is time to start the visualization.

If our eyes are not closed, gently close them. In our mind, we picture an area with a shower. Our shower can be any shape and size. Our shower may be an actual shower, or our shower could be a place in nature, which has a waterfall. We choose a shower that makes us feel good. We are creating our shower in our mind, so we can allow ourselves to have whatever we want.

Now, we slip under the cleansing shower. We feel the cleansing waters washing away any negativity that may have been collected.

We let all negative energies be washed off as the water cascades over our body. We allow all negativity to be washed away, and taken where all negativity will be transformed into positive energies, by a Higher Power Filled With Light And Love.

We relax under the shower, and we stay under the shower, until we are ready to come out of the shower.


In Conclusion


This is a very easy to do and effective meditation technique for cleansing our personal energy.

Doing this meditation on a daily basis will help ensure that our personal energy is the best that our personal energy can be.

We should be open to messages which may be given to us during this meditation.

We can use this meditation to help us unwind and relax.


An Optional Evaluation


Here are a few questions that we might ask ourselves.

  • What does the water feel like?
  • Is the water warm, hot or cool?
  • Is the water calm or swirling?
  • What colour is the water?
  • Was there anything, or anyone in the water?

The answers to these questions will tell us about our current state of mind, and about the energy that surrounds us.


Some Possible Answers


If the water is cold and uncomfortable, we may have endured a cold, emotional day.

If the water is choppy, we may be experiencing a slightly traumatic time.

If the water is muddy, we are carrying a lot of negativity in our energy.

When the water is not 'normal', a Higher Power Filled With Light And Love, is trying to send us a message.

  Wendy Kay, Founder, Oralin®