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Occasionally you may find yourself feeling 'spacey', or having the sensation of floating. Or, you may be unable to focus or concentrate on the simplest tasks such as grocery shopping, doing the dishes without dropping them or attempting to balance your check book.

These are signs that your Astral Body and your Physical Body are out of synchronisation. In other words, you are partially out of your body. This is okay if you want to hang out on the Astral, but if you are going to do any kind of healing work, it is imperative that you are grounded and centered.

If you are not grounded, you can attract to yourself the negativities and/or aches and pains of your clients and others around you. So before you begin any healing work, take a few moments to center and ground yourself.

There are many ways to ground yourself. You can carry Hematite with you at all times to synchronize your Astral Body and your Physical Body and keep your feet on the ground. Or, you can do an easy meditation that will quickly anchor you to Earth.

This is one of my favourite grounding exercises. It should be done while standing up…..

Take three deep breaths.

Then, imagine you are a tree. Feel the sunlight streaming down on your leaves and branches.

Bring this energy down through your top-most branches and down, down to your roots. Send this energy through your roots, deep, deep into the Earth.

Then bring this energy back up again to your top-most branches and send it back up, back to the Universe to anchor to the higher planes.

Take three more deep breaths and come back into the room. You are now grounded and centered.

Reverend Barbara Taylor
Healing Hands of Light

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