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Heaven On Earth Meditation


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We visualize ourselves in a beautiful natural outdoor setting, sitting on a beautiful rock anywhere in time or place that we would like.

We are facing the big, hot sun which has just risen before us and warms our face, body, the rock, and the earth under our feet. As the sun warms and relaxes us, it also energizes the earth below us.

We start to feel the earth's energy enter us through the soles of our feet and base of our spine, as the earth's energy passes through the power and wisdom of the ages contained in the rock.


As we sit before our Creator and the Sun, allowing the earth's energy to sustain us, we start to feel the creation of a new place on the inner level to accept ourselves, our body, our life and our spirit.

We breathe in the deep relaxation of acceptance. As we breathe in acceptance, we start to breathe out any feelings or events which we would like to be free of, and send them to the earth with the intention of transmuting them to light, so that we may recycle all of our energies in a positive way.

We focus on breath as we breathe in anything that feels right, and breathe out anything that we are letting go of, sending it to the earth for transformation.


Now we go even deeper into our consciousness to the quiet and still place within us where we visualize ourselves in a beautiful, calm, blue lake, enjoying the peaceful quality of the water on the surface, but aware of the strong and even chaotic currents below the surface.

We feel ourselves accepting the co-existence of tranquillity and chaos, as embodied in the lake, and within nature.

We start to breathe in the same level of acceptance of the turbulent qualities of ourselves, and then we breathe out the calm of our soul's true expression, even if we are not sure what our soul's true expression is for us.

We may even bring the vibrant, blue color of the lake to our third eye, the energy area associated with soul realization, infusing our third eye with this color.


As we marvel at the many ways Spirit may take manifestation from this place, we are also aware of the sensation of the clear, refreshing water of the lake all around us.

In the distance, on the surface of the lake, we see a group of swans gliding by. We observe and honor these masters of the lake.

Focusing on our breath, we continue observing the swans for as long as we like, and we know that we can always return to this deep, still, quiet, lake inside of ourselves whenever we need or want to visit the well of our soul, and feel the mastery of the swans.


From the lake we now find ourselves transported to a high peak, like a bridge between heaven and earth.

We marvel at the blue and pink sky above us as we start to breathe in the expansive quality of this setting and breathe out any thoughts or experiences which we would like to let go of.

We continue breathing in the vastness of this setting and we take a moment to allow the powerful energies and images that we have brought forth to resonate within us so that we may bring the powerful energies into our day with us.


We start to breathe in the earth's energy to ground and center us from our journey, as we prepare to transition out of the meditation feeling purified, centered and energized.

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