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Millennium Journey Meditation

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Visualize yourself in a peaceful, natural setting. You are lying down with your back against the earth and can sense the cool grass and soil.

Focus on breath and feel your connection to the earth allowing the earth’s energy to start entering your body through this relaxing position, and let go of any thoughts, sensations, noises or distractions.

From this position, you see beautiful green trees around you and you are gazing at a beautiful sky. It can be either day or night as you become a part of your surroundings, focusing on breath and taking in the scene.

You may be joined by someone in this setting, like a friend or loved one who is beside you.


As you enjoy gazing into the sky together, you both start to see some incredible sights. The experience is very exciting and engaging as you watch together.

You start to see heavenly bodies before you; stars, clouds and even the hazy forms of galaxies. You marvel at the sight you are watching together unfolding before you.

As the formations in the sky appear one by one, you notice they also start to link up to each other, creating a spiral pattern. As they come into your field of vision, they move into the spiral. You feel as if you are watching a cosmic dance before your eyes as you witness the movement of the universe. You sense your unique place in this vast universe and begin to breathe into your being the many qualities of the universe you are witnessing making them part of you:

  You breathe in expansion.
You breathe in creation from source.
You breathe in the harmony of the spheres.
You breathe in infinite resources.
You breathe in higher intelligence.
You breathe in vastness.

As you model these qualities on the inner level with your inhalations, you sense your place in the infinite cosmos and the feeling of privilege, liberation and energy it brings.

Take as much time as you need witnessing any other qualities that come to you here and breathe out anything you would like to let go of, sending it to its rightful place in the universe, with the intention of transmuting it to light energy for the benefit of all.

On this journey, you see someone appear to you, who you may or may not know. This could be your higher self or another guide. They have a kind and caring expression and have your best interests at heart. Take some time to greet and commune with this guide and thank them for coming to meet you.

Allow yourself to experience any feelings created from this contact and take a moment to allow these energies and experiences that we have brought forth to resonate within you, with your guide by your side, so that you may bring them into your day with you, as you start to feel the earth against your back again, breathing in the earth's energy to ground and centre now you from your journey.

  Take as much time as you need to come back from your journey and as you prepare to transition out of meditation feeling purified, centered and energized, you may want to reconnect with your body by moving your hands, feet, head and neck slowly, and shade your eyes with your hands before opening them slowly, if you have been meditating with your eyes closed, allowing yourself some time to adjust.