Medicine Wheel Meditation


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We stand in the middle of a circle that has been traced into the earth, which represents the Great Mystery and the Source of Life. We honor the four directions of east, south, west and north from this center.


As we focus our attention on the first direction of the east, we recall the ancient symbolism found in the east; illumination, birth, the element of fire, and the season of Spring.

We take a moment to visualize the sun rising in the east, bringing warm, solar energy to our personal sun, the solar plexus area, to connect us with the east direction, and its mysteries.


When we are ready, we make the transition to the next direction by focusing our attention on the southeast, the field of ancestors for a moment. We honor all those who have gone before us.

We focus on the direction of the south, where we honor the south's powerful symbols of the emotions, the element of water and the season of Summer.


We imagine ourselves soaring and travelling on the winds as we make the transition to the direction of southwest, which is the field of our soul's intent and the sacred dream.

We honour ourselves, and we take a moment in our awareness to experience ourselves as a spiritual being, privileged to find physical manifestation and the human experience, and we breathe in our soul's intent consciously, even if we are not sure what our soul's intent is. We create space for our soul's intent to develop within us.


We acknowledge the direction of the west, and the passing season of Autumn. We honour this place of harvest on the wheel, and we enjoy the bounty.

As we make the transition to the final horizon, we encounter the northwest direction of rules and laws. We take a moment to consider the rules and laws in our life, what governs us, and who are our Gods?


We come into the fourth direction, the north, which symbolizes wisdom, the mind, the element of air and the season of Winter. The north is based in the wisdom of the ages, and our own inner wisdom, the greatest of all guides.

We explore the sensation of our quiet, inner knowing and its many expressions like intuition, to open new paths in our lives through forgiveness, acceptance and non-judgment. We feel liberation from our new found source of energy within, and we allow our energy to resonate within our body, mind and spirit.


As we take a moment to return to the centre of the circle, we offer our thanks to the Great Mystery and Source of Life, as we allow the qualities and energies that we have brought to resonate within us, and we bring the qualities and energies into our life vision within us.

As we prepare our transition out of the meditation, we feel purified, centered and energized.

  Carolyn McDonough 2003. All rights reserved.