Saint Bernadette


Saint Bernadette


Bernadette was born at Lourdes, France. Her parents were very poor and Bernadette herself was in poor health. On February 11, 1858, when Bernadette was sent with her younger sister and a friend to gather firewood, a very beautiful Lady appeared to Bernadette above a rose bush in a grotto called Massabielle.


The Lady was dressed in blue and white. She smiled at Bernadette and then made the sign of the cross with a rosary of ivory and gold. Bernadette fell on her knees, took out her own rosary and began to pray the rosary. The beautiful Lady was the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette eighteen times. She told Bernadette that she should pray for sinners, do penance and have a chapel built at the site in The Blessed Virgin's honor. Many people did not believe Bernadette when she spoke of her vision.

Our Lady

She had to suffer much. One day Our Lady told Bernadette to dig in the mud. A spring of water began to flow. The next day the spring continued to grow. Many miracles happened when people began to use this water.

When Bernadette was older, she became a nun. Bernadette was always very humble. More than anything else, Bernadette desired not to be praised. Once a nun asked her if she had temptations of pride because she was favoured by the Blessed Mother. "How can I?" she answered quickly. "The Blessed Virgin chose me only because I was the most ignorant."

The Prayer Of Saint Bernadette.
St Bernadette medallian

St. Bernadette, Humble child of Lourdes, you were misunderstood and abused throughout your short life, but through your suffering; physical, mental, and spiritual, you learned to deal with the wickedness of sinners, meekly accepting your crosses and carrying them with such articulate grace.

Look down upon us who continue to struggle with this mortal life, and pray that through your example we might find inner peace, hope, and faith. We ask this favour through Our Lady and Lord, with the hope of one day sharing eternity with you.