Meditation for Worry
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  We often worry about things which we know will never happen, or there is at most a vague possibility that what we worry about will occur.
  We worry even though we know from our own experience that that what we worry about will probably not occur.

Nevertheless, it is not foolish to worry, we all worry to some degree of another.

Worry can paralyse us at times.

  When we find ourselves beginning to worry, we should sit quietly perhaps with a candle, and recall all of the times that we have worried without reason, in the past.

We should draw on our own experiences, and use our experiences as a tool, to teach us not to worry.

It will take time and patience, and we will sometimes feel that we will never learn....

Nevertheless, if we persist with this exercise we will begin to draw on what we have learned, as soon as we begin to worry.

Later, we will reach a point where we draw on what we have learned, before we worry.
  We should take a moment to reflect on our own experience, whenever we worry…
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