By Wendy Kay

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This visualization is what is known as a 'quick fix'. White Light Cleansing can be used anytime and anywhere to cleanse our personal energy, or our aura.


We can use this visualization:


White Light Cleansing takes a minimal amount of concentration, so White Light Cleansing is useful if we are in a situation where it is difficult to concentrate.

For example, if we encounter a person who is very negative, we can instantly invoke a shower of white light to remove any negativity. We do not need to wait until the end of the day to do the cleansing. We can actually be doing a cleansing while we are standing, and talking to someone who is emitting negative energy.


The Technique


The White Light Cleansing is quite easy to do….

In our mind's eye, we visualize a beam or shower of white light pouring over us from head to toe. We create a flushing action so that the light pushes all negativity down through our body, and out through the bottom of our feet.

At the same time, we say a prayer asking the Highest Power in the Universe Filled With Light And Love, to send a cleansing shower of white light to remove any negativity. We keep this visualization flowing until we feel that all of the negativity is gone.

As we become more sensitive to the energies, we are able to feel the Shower of Light flow over our body.

  Wendy Kay, Founder, Oralin®