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A message from the Master Lord Sananda

  Presented and Channelled By

Blessings to you all my children, I am Sananda.

I see the Light of your Auras. I see the Light of your Inner Being and I see that you are all attempting to become Masters, to become enlightened, to become empowered. It is wonderful that you are all on this journey. All of you are at different steps on the staircase, or at different paces down the road. But, you are all beginning on the journey and doing well.

But my Dear Friends, you must continue in your growth, if you are to succeed and truly become Masters of Light and therefore help humanity, as a whole. If you were to ask me, what were the three most important stages of Ascension, of Enlightenment, I would say to you, they are these three; First of all, Know thy Self, Secondly, Perfect thy Self, and thirdly, Empower Others.



I will talk about the first stage. As a Master, as a potential Master, you must know yourself. If you have illusions about your character, if you believe you are greater than you are, then you become arrogant and vain. Or if you believe you are lesser than you are, you are full of too much Humility and therefore cannot help and teach others. You need to become an independent observer of your behaviour. You need to be able to step outside of your self and look at yourself objectively, to see your faults and see your virtues. Increase those virtues within you and work on changing your faults.

Many people believe, that it is loveable, to have few faults, to be a little lazy, a little impatient, to have a hair trigger temper. But Dear Friends, if these same qualities were in a Master, you would be very critical of this. You would not like a Master to be arrogant, to be vain, to be selfish, to be lazy, to be angered easily. And if you to are to become a Master of Light or a Light worker, as you call it, at the Highest Dimension, then you need to begin to truly look at your self, to work as you would say, on your self and this is where Perfecting yourself is so important.

Perhaps you will not gain 100% perfection in this Life, but you can certainly begin on the process. Again by being Brave and Courageous enough to truly look at your faults and see how you stop the Light from coming in. I would suggest Dear Friends, that you think of yourselves as mighty Lighthouses. You know the Lighthouses that protect the little ships at sea, from crashing on the rocks. There they stand, mighty and proud, with a beautiful Light within, but if the windows or the reflective mirrors of the Lighthouse are dimmed or covered with dirt and dust and debris, then the Light cannot shine out. And this is the same, as with your selves. If you do not look at your faults, your negativity, your problems around you and work on them and shine up those mirrors and windows, then your own Inner Light cannot shine out and help others and save others from crashing on the rocks.


So please be brave, please be courageous. Look at your faults and begin to work on changing those faults into virtues. Begin to be kinder, more humble, but at the same time use the strength within you, to work towards the Light. Give out unconditional love where you can. If you can see patterns in your life that have been destructive in the past, which now can be instructive, once you can reach deep within them and see the real cause of any misery in your life, you can change that pattern around to one of positively. In the future you can teach others how to release themselves from these patterns.

Look at your body, your mind, look at your soul, see how they could all be worked on to perfect yourselves. Please begin the process, for this is why you have incarnated. So that you can perfect yourselves on all levels.

Thirdly, I would say, Empower Others. For by empowering others, you empower yourselves. By teaching others, you teach yourself. By Healing and Counselling others, you Heal and counsel yourself. You do not do these things in order to empower yourself. You do them out of unconditional love. But the end result is, that as others become full of Light around you, so your Light increases. But, you cannot empower others, if you do not know yourself or begin the process of perfecting yourself. For otherwise, you are a teacher in word only and not in heart.

Have you any questions friends, you would ask me?


Q1. I have read recently, that to be a channeller you need to put your own Ego aside. How can we tell if the channeller is doing that?

A. Yes, putting the Ego aside is the greatest challenge, as you say, to any one who wishes to channel or to make true direct contact with Spirit. Because the Ego wants you, to be in a third dimensional world. Therefore the Ego will often influence messages you receive, so that you remain comfortable in your third dimensional world and do not attempt to go any higher spiritually. Therefore, the Ego will often put it's own input into the message. So that you back up, as you would say, your own desires, your own wants. Because you are new to channelling, new at direct contact with Spirit, then you believe that these messages are coming pure from Spirit and not from your own subconscious mind. By practice, by true scrutiny of the messages, by truly being honest with yourself, you will soon find where you go into fears and where Spirit, as you would say, is pushed aside.

If you keep on your journey and ask Spirit to give you a higher and higher percentage of Spirit input and a less percentage of your own input, if you can get your Ego to work with you and not against you, if the Ego does not see your Spiritual development as a threat to it, but instead works with you to increase your Spiritual input, then indeed your messages become of a higher and higher degree of factuality.


Q2. How do we discern the different messages we hear?

A. It is with many Light workers, as with many, as you have perhaps heard the saying, 'A little bit of knowledge is dangerous.' Well it is so with many people, that on first contact Spirit, they are so overwhelmed by the experience, that they immediately think that they are the worlds greatest channeller. They begin to channel to everyone, and give out messages willy-nilly, without any objectivity, as to how much is their own input. It is our wish that a person beginning to channel, begins to look at the message. Scrutinise the message. See how correct they are in the message, the clarity of message, how true it feels and if their own input, is there within the message.

In time, if one practises, if one as you would say, commits one self to channelling, to a large degree, if one makes sure that the content is pure and also again, as I said before, about the Lighthouse, if the windows and the reflective mirrors are clean within yourself, that is as you begin to perfect yourself, then the message will become of a higher and higher degree of accuracy. This is the way to do it. As with all things, intention and purpose and action.


Q3. It seems at the moment, lots of people are having many different emotional problems in their lives. Why is this?

A. A part of the process of Enlightenment, Ascension as you call it, is working up, as you know, through your chakra system. If you look at the issues, over the last few hundred years, they have mainly been to do with willpower issues. That is why you have had Wars. That is why there has been clamouring for land etc or the discovery of gold. Why people have wanted one thing and have put others under their dominion to get it, to obtain it. But, now that Humanity, as a whole, is rising up to the Heart, it needs to learn about conditional and unconditional love. The way to learn about unconditional love, is for Spirit, to present many problems in your life, of a relationship type. Whether they be with lovers, husbands, wives, children, parents, friends etc. But for you to work through issues of love for many different people.

This is why so many people are being tested at this time, with emotion. The fourth dimension, that you are all entering into, is one of emotion. But it is not just emotion. To enter into the fifth, which is that of Masterhood, you need to have Control of emotion. Therefore many people are being presented with many issues, that tear at their hearts and make them sad, joyful one minute, down in the depths of despair the next. It is all learning and experience.

But once you realise this, at a deeper level, as you begin to watch the patterns that have caused you sadness within your relationships, begin to change those patterns, begin to perceive a higher intent to your life and to your relationships, then you will find much of this sadness disappears and then you can work on, as you would say, to the higher chakras and therefore a higher union with Spirit.


Q4. How are we to screen incoming messages that are coming to us from different Spiritual sources? Is it that unconditional love, is the screen to use?

A. It is one of the ways. But I would suggest with unconditional love, that is the use of the heart chakra, also bring in the chakra of the third eye (brow) of the mind, as you would say. It is as we have said many times, you need a bridge between the heart and the mind, because the heart can overwhelm. I am sure you have all known of many people, who have had the greatest intent, the most loving desire to help Humanity and have perhaps rushed out and began huge projects, involving much money and time and effort and have had the whole thing crash around them and have been very disappointed. Yet, they have worked from unconditional love.

What they have not done, is use the asset of the mind. Humanity was given a brain, a mind, also to act realistically with events. You also have the mind there, to remember experiences in the past and to learn from other peoples' experiences, as well. For there is much wisdom that you have in your books or from verbal input from friends etc. So you need to do both. You need to use unconditional love, as you would say, as a sieve, but you also need to use your mind to look at the messages coming in. To look at what you are getting in. Say, 'Is this benefiting me? Is it benefiting others or is it somehow scrambled, is it somehow my own desires being mixed?'

And I believe in time, if you keep at it, as with all things, practice makes perfect.


Q5. What does unconditional love mean?

A. It means loving every being. And that is not just Humanity, but every life form. Every part of your Earth, every part of your universe, as much as you would love the dearest child in your life, your own daughter or son or your own partner. It is having no barriers to race, to age, to religion. It is loving all with a purity of heart. Of wanting the best, helping everyone, everything, to its full potential and holding nothing back. That is truly unconditional love.


Q6. How can we practice unconditional love, even if there are people we do not like?

A. The way to do this, is to love the inner being of all humanity. To love the soul, that is truly there. That has forgotten its greatness, once it has incarnated. That now behaves badly, barbarously, at a lower level. If you love the soul, that is sufficient. You do not have to like every individual that you come into contact with. For many people are unlikable. Many people are in many ways unlovable. Many people perform acts of cruelty etc which you cannot accept in a loving way, but if you truly love the soul and wish for that soul to rise higher, to recognise its true being, then that is sufficient. That is what is called unconditional love.


As always, it is wonderful to speak to you all.

  Blessings to you all,
Till we meet again.
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