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A message from the Master Mother Mary

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Greetings I am Mary, Mother Mary.

At this time, I would like to discuss the topic of Friendships. For friendships, have many different meanings. You can be a friend, as you would say, with your parent, with a child, with a partner, a lover or even total strangers. For really in the sight of God, none is separate or strangers, you are all part of the Divine.

Friendship, as I would say, is the free will act of two beings coming together for mutual reasons. It is always hoped that this is done for the Highest, but it is not always, as you understand. For if you see two people coming together, to plot shall we say a robbery, this is not as you would say for the Highest, but for those beings it is an exercise that they wish to perform and because of free will, in most cases, it is allowed to happen. Should it be against such a being, as a shop keeper, it could be seen from above, that it is the repaying of Karma. Because, in a previous life the shop keeper was the thief, and now it is time to level the books, to clean the slate of all ties and connections. For in life, particularly this life, it is important that all Karmic ties, debts are repaid and any blocks that are connected to any of your Chakras are cleaned and those acts against you are forgiven.



In the words of your Lords Prayer, "I shall forgive those that have trespassed against me." But also, that no negative thought patterning is held onto by either party. This is typically why they have come together. But on a more positive note, it is through free will that beings come together to create friendship. For friendships truly need nurturing, like a young shrub growing in your garden. For without water, some soil and really some love and affection, it will not grow to its full potential.

It is just the same with friendships. They may be on many levels and too many different depths. For really you would not call the bar tender a deep friend, in most cases. But he is a friend when you are upon his premises. But also, you would not call a close partner, a casual friend, I hope. For each has many different layers and many different meanings.

Because of the complexity of your Life plans and your World plan, many different people, beings, will synchronistically appear and some may disappear upon your Life's journey. These people, those of significance to yourself, have come together at different times, to work through different situations, to repay Karmic debts etc.


As I previously mentioned, during past lifetimes you may have been friends and you wish to continue that, or you may have been more intimate, you may have been lovers and married. The complexity and the depth will depend upon the amount of Light that is created between your union. I do not always mean a sexual union, but I do mean the sending of Light and the receiving of Light that you give one another, during your meetings as friends.

All friendships need to be nurtured. When you meet some people you may feel even as Light workers, a little uneasy. You may feel that they are totally different from yourself. They are perhaps emotional people, when you are a thinking type person or the opposite, it does not matter. I would suggest that you try not to draw a barrier or a wall around yourself initially, when you meet these different people. Send unconditional love to them and get to know that person, for with many people the more you get to know them, the deeper you delve into the friendship, the more growth is made and the brighter it blossoms.

Should a friendship only last for a small duration of time, perhaps only several meetings, several weeks or several months, it does not matter. It is hoped by Spirit that both have gained by it, from the mutual friendship. It is especially hoped that no negative Karma is created by these beings and with their separation, each sends love and Light to the other being. They should continue to progress in their own Light and in their own life, with a clearer, better and higher understanding of all people, of all friendships, of all different types.


We in Spirit do not judge any of those beings on the different levels, for we wish to be like the Divine also, seeing all Spirits as the same and equal in the sight of the Divine. For during a friendship, initially, you never know on what adventures it may take you, to what depth it will evolve to, and to what lessons will be learned.

Please try not to draw lines or place upon these other beings, your own expectations, frustrations, worries or blocks of any sort. For you have not lived their lives nor their past and who are you to judge their actions?

That is all I will say on that matter, now do you have any questions at this time?


Q1. Would you say that most great friendships in your life are Karmic?

A. No, not always, it depends upon many different aspects. Many may be Karmic, Karmic ties with past lives connections, friendships from the same planetary source etc. It is very difficult to say, the one is above the other. For in this life time, as with all others, sometimes you ask that new people, new beings will come into your life to help you expand your consciousness, to try and see life from their angle.

So if you initially shut off this relationship, build a wall between yourself and this other being, you will not gain from this, as if you had allowed it to flourish, if that is possible, if you are compatible, for then you have brought in a new aspect, you have widened your horizons and this is growth, and this is good.


Q2. If you met some one and you dislike being in their presence should you try to overcome this?

A. Yes, most certainly. Some of those that can contact their own Higher Selves and or Spirit directly, you may ask, "Is there a Karmic debt to be repaid?" You could ask, "What have I done to this person to this being, in the past?" Ask, "Why do I feel this negative vibration, to this being?" And in most cases, we will reply with a suitable answer. I would suggest, as I have already stated, that you do not automatically draw a line or build a wall between yourself and the other being. Try to get to know them and see from what perspective they are coming. This is the best.

  Q3. There are some people, even those you spend time in their presence, that they never seem to overcome their blocks, so they wear you down emotionally. Is there a cut-off point, at when you can decide to move on and leave them?

A. Yes, it is worthy question, I would say, do not give your Light to those that are hungry for the Light. You could visualise yourself in an Auric egg and not allowing Light to be drawn off you, to feed their hunger. This is why with some people you will feel emotionally drained, for they are drawing your Light from you and depleting it, which can have the affect of making you tired etc.

If, when you have met another person, and you have got to know them, and have gone further into the friendship, but now it can not be sustained, or for any reason, problems can not be overcome, (I realise that you cannot be friends with everyone, for there are many different types of being upon the planet), I would suggest in a gentle manner, that you allow this friendship to gently filter away. Send that person Love and Light and wish them the best, but do not hold onto negative aspects, that you feel towards this person.

You may ask Spirit what lessons you have learnt and look back upon yourself and see what you have learned from that person. Use it on many levels, for many different purposes. Even if it is a friendship that will not develop into a life long commitment of friendship.

  Q4. I have many friends around the world and I feel at night in my dreams I visit them, is this possible?

A. Yes, during your sleep state and in your meditations, you do as they say, astrally travel. This is why on your wakening some mornings, you feel quite tired, that you have done a nights work, for really you have. You have most probably been to many places, during that night. To many different dimensions and perhaps to many different planetary systems. Depending upon the tasks that you have asked to do, during your sleep state.

It is very easy to astrally travel to different regions of the world. For thought, to astral travel is extremely fast and the short distances that are involved are covered very quickly. Yes, on the higher dimension, you meet up, prearranged meetings with these other spirits to discuss different matters, to strengthen the friendships, to do work together, to do many different things. It is a worthy cause and a cheap way to keep in contact, shall we say.

If you wish upon retiring to bed, if you wish to visit someone in particular, during your prayers, you might like to ask that your Higher Self, help to connect you with that being, to ease the way, as we say, to make the necessary arrangements etc. So that more time can be spent together and if it is a rather touchy subject that needs to be discussed, that part of the way can be paved. In most cases they are more receptive to the meeting to discuss sensitive issues. Yes, it is very appropriate.

  Q5. May I ask, does this work with persons that have 'passed over'?

A. Yes, it is slightly different, for they are always spirit, they are not so much third dimensional, they are in spirit. But yes, it is possible. Again ask and in most cases you shall receive.


If that is all I shall now depart. But I would just like to recap, very quickly. That friendships need nurturing, they need constant attention and they need Light to grow.

  Blessings to you, my child.
I am Mother Mary.
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