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The Game Of Life

A message from the Master Joachim

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Blessings to you all, I am your old friend Joachim, come to speak to you again.

For those that do not know me, I am one of the Commanders of Ashtar's Fleet and I am also, in one of my incarnations, the Biblical figure known as the Grandfather of Jesus. So, I have been to your Earth many times, in many incarnations, so I know human experience.

I would talk tonight of the Game of life. I am sure you have all heard of the expression, "As above, so below". Well, Dear Friends, much of your Spiritual progress can be likened to many of the activities currently on Earth, particularly your games. I would talk tonight of the game of football. I hope the ladies here, will bear with me.



I am sure you have all been spectators at sometime and perhaps, the males here have also played the game. If you look at a football game, it is very much like your Spiritual life and your physical life. You come onto the field of Earth with a team and so you do, with your Spiritual life. You come down with your Group Soul Members, that have all decided to incarnate to help you to learn lessons, to interact with you. You also, help them learn lessons too.

They may be your children, your parents, your friends, your lovers etc. All part of your Home Town team. But, sometimes and I am sure you have seen this in football matches, even those on your team, can get in your way. They can trip you, they can become jealous, they can steal the ball or want the glory for themselves. And, has this not also happened in your own lives, with those that you have Loved and held dearest to you, have sometimes betrayed you?

And then, you have the opposing team. They are here of free will upon this Earth or upon this playing field, as your enemies. Of course, upon the higher dimensions, they are not your enemies, but have merely come down to play this part, this time around. Because, sometimes you need opposition in your life, to make you look clearly at where you are going, what you are doing, to put obstacles in your pathway. And this is what the opposing football team does. It tries to stop you, to baulk you, it tries to steal the ball, it tries to trip you over and sometimes harm you, but often you can overcome this. For this is what life is about, overcoming the obstacles.


Then you will have the linesmen and the referee. Often these are like your Guardian Angels, your protective spirits around you, even your Higher Self, can perhaps be seen as a great referee, trying to give you guidance, trying to keep you within certain limits, to help you where possible. I am sure, you have observed in football matches, that there is a combination of emotions and mind, of heart and head. But, what normally takes over in a football match, is of course, the emotions.

Your particular team coach may try to raise your emotions and anger against the opposing side and try to get you excited, so that you run faster, that you are more aggressive etc. Have you not found in life, that it is your emotions that often get you into problems? You jump, you leap before you think. Yet, if you were to be on that football field and allow your body to be at its finest, most finely honed, strongest, most athletic and yet, at the same time to use your brains your mind, how much better would you play the game?

If you were able to rise up above the scene, as you can do when you Astral travel, you could look down on the scene and see, where there are openings for you to take the ball, to make the try, to score the goal. Again, this is what you can do in your Spiritual life, use your mind to help you, use your spiritual abilities to help you, to succeed in this game of life.


Just as a football game has a certain amount of time, perhaps 90 minutes to play, so you may have 90 years to work out this particular lifetime, to overcome these obstacles. Just as at the end of that game, you may go off the field, perhaps sometimes holding grudges, feeling bitterness or anger, particularly to the opposing side, sometimes you leave this lifetime, also having grudges and anger and bitterness to others. This is what you would call your Karmic ties.

Often after a game, the coach and the members, will sit and replay the action on your video screens, seeing where you have made mistakes, how you could have improved your play. So it is, when you leave this life and go to higher dimensions. In your mind you will replay all those instances where you felt you had failed and how you could best improve your game, next time around, in the next incarnation on Earth.

I say here Dear Friends that if, as you are playing the game, you are able to keep your mind alert, if you are able to see above the situation, if you are able to assess your progress on the field, you are a much better player. You can also do this in this lifetime. If you assess daily your mistakes, where you have failed, where you feel you could improve yourself, where you could overcome obstacles, you can go forward into the next part of play, more aware, more knowledgeable. Do not wait to the end of the game, the end of your 90 years, to review this life. Begin to assess it now. So that you make stronger and better decisions.


In the end, there is the old saying, that goes; "It does not matter whether you win or lose, its how you play the game." And so it is with your Spiritual life here, also. You may become powerful, rich and famous and feel that you have succeeded, but if you have been cruel, if you have been greedy and lustful, along the way, if you have fallen down in your moral standards, if you have fallen down in your contact with Spirit, you have not truly succeeded in the game. So Dear Friends, look on this, not as failure or success, but how you live your life each day. How truly you become a Spiritual being, and then truly the game is a success.

Have you any questions, Dear Friends of me?


Q1. My question is, to what percentage is it possible to connect with Spirit and how is this best done?

A. Well you can make contact 100% if you wish, but of course it must be worked upon. Many people begin by making only a slight contact with Spirit and sometimes they stay there, they stagnate at that point. They think they have made a contact, that there is no more to learn. But Dear Friends, it is like your first day at Kindergarten. You may have come home, some of you, to your parents and said, "Well, I have been. I have seen school. That's enough, I do not want to go back." I am sure you have heard of many children, feeling this way. So it is, with the first contact with Spirit. Sometimes it is overwhelming, trying. Sometimes it is very inspiring and you think, "This is it. I have achieved it.". But of course it is only the first step on a long road.

As you experience Spirit more, as you work more fully with Spirit, throughout your entire life, that is from morning to night and throughout your dream state, even, as you give up more and more of your life to Spirit, not I say in a sacrificial way, not in a way that is making you a martyr, but in a way that enlivens your life, then you find that your percentage grows. Over a period of time, if you work actively at working with Spirit, aiding Humanity, raising your own Light, Spiritual contact will come in more and more and it is possible over a period of time to come to be a 100% connected. Does this help?

  Q2. Does this mean that it is in all that you do?

A. Yes, all that you do. It is as if you are bringing your awareness of your Higher Self body, into your self and even raising above that, so that you bring higher and higher Spiritual contact into you. Having Masters with you, as you would have Dear Friends with you and asking of them, helping them, and helping you as much as possible. Until you, as you would say, travel in a vehicle of Golden Light, wherever you go, whether it be doing the most mundane chores or the most important chores. Blessings Son.

  I will leave you then, all Dear Friends. It is always wonderful to speak to you. I know that there will be many obstacles, as you would say, in your game of life. But if you begin to see it as a game, take it not so seriously, see it as you have many, many games before. You return to the Creator and you do have control over that game. That is what is important. Once you see it is a game, once you see that you can detach from it, or you can begin to direct the game, as you wish, then many of the rules fall to the side and you truly can become successful.

  Blessings to you all,
I am Joachim
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