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The Great School Of Earth

A message from the Master Grandfather Grey Wolf

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I have been asked many times, "Why was Earth created and what is the purpose of humanity?" Momentous questions are they not, dear friends? I will try to explain to you all, why you are here on this little, blue planet. Sit closer to the camp-fire, and I will begin.

You know that you were once powerful and loving angels who inhabited the higher realms of heaven. There you can create great wonders and do all that you like. That is why you sometimes feel very frustrated here on Earth, for your soul remembers your unlimited power and freedom in the higher realms and you feel very, very limited here on Earth. An immense group of angels decided to create life, landscapes, air and water in one place, as a spiritual project. Together they created Earth from the cosmic matter of the Universe and placed the spirit of Gaia within her, to make Earth truly come alive.

Next they created simple life forms, amoeba and the like, then animals, reptiles, birds and a primitive type of human/ape. Some angels created mountains, others the seas and oceans, yet others the plains and deserts. This all took many billions of years in Earth time, but in the higher realms there is no time, so it just took as long as it was necessary to take.



For a long time the angels watched from afar, their special Earth project with interest and pride. It was then decided to make Earth officially a Great School of Learning. Angels could visit it, take on human or animal form and experience many third, fourth and fifth dimensional events, such as physical love, athletics, artistic pursuits, family bonding and many other activities, that are not present on the higher levels of existence.

Then the more adventurous or rebellious, depending on your outlook, decided to visit Earth personally, first in etheric form and then later in heavier physical form. It was similar to you visiting an amusement park, different and fun. However for added excitement, the angels began to take greater and greater risks and indulge in baser and less noble behaviour. They began to hunt, kill and harm their creations and then some turned against each other. After all was only a fun game and not actually real. Just like a virtual reality game. Earth was just a great illusion for their amusement.

Those angels however, who indulged in primitive behaviour or even 'died' in semi human form, found that when they tried to return to the heavenly realms, that their access was blocked. They had created karma through their negative and selfish acts on Earth and had to cleanse themselves of this negativity, before they could return home. To repay this karma, they decided to use the genetic material of the ape/humans to form new human beings and inhabit these bodies for the lifetime on Earth. A life span at that time could be several hundred years.


At first, they had retained their special psychic powers. They could fly, manifest what they needed, heal any illnesses in their new bodies, telepathically contact each other, talk to the animal kingdoms and easily make contact with the heavenly realms. But as they grew more accustomed to Earth life, they began to forget the higher states of being and many turned their minds and hearts against their angel brothers and sisters. In time they created more and more negative karma, distancing themselves each lifetime, further from the higher angelic realms.

Of course, there was much worry and distress about this in the higher realms. How would they ever get their brother and sister angels back again? Were they lost forever? It was decided that these fallen angels would have many lifetimes on Earth and similar places throughout the universe, as a divine opportunity to find their way back home. Everyone who died on Earth would monitor their own behaviour after death and decide whether to return to Earth immediately, rest and learn in Heaven or incarnate onto another planet in a different galaxy. Endless opportunities and lifetimes were planned.

When a soul grew tired of Earth lives, opportunities were given to that soul to incarnate in other regions of space, such as Sirius, Pleiades, Orion or any other similar vibration planet. The people of those planets usually existed in higher dimensions of the fifth and sixth, where conditions were easier and more loving than on Earth. After a respite there, the soul would feel strong enough to return to Earth and begin to repay any outstanding karma.


Those of you who live here on Earth, know that it can be a very contradictory place. Look at the sky, the mountains, the lakes and oceans, are they not beautiful? Then look at the squalid cities, the slums, the mining areas and the logged forests, are they not ugly? In your lifetime you will meet loving, kind, generous people and nasty, mean, greedy people with no love in their hearts. Yet they are all descended from angels. Those that are kind, spiritual and loving are closer to their true angelic identity, but those that are cruel and unloving are far from their angel selves. Yet they are all here at the Great Earth School to learn valuable lessons that will hopefully send them back on the right path to their heavenly home.

Who teaches you these life lessons? Your parents, sisters and brothers, friends, teachers, work-mates, lovers and yes, even your enemies. The way that they treat you, good or bad is meant to make you stop and reconsider your true angel origins. Once you realise and believe that you are truly an angel in human form, you can start to recognise the lessons that come to you in life. You understand that what happens to you, negative or positive - is meant to help you.

You need this particular lesson for a reason and it is your reaction to this lesson that is so important. If something bad happens and you scream, yell, throw yourself around in misery and turn angrily on others, then you have failed the test. If you suppress your feelings and drown in misery, then you have failed the test. However, if you mourn naturally, then begin to assess the situation, learn from it and forgive all concerned, then you have passed with flying colours. Every situation we find ourselves involved within, can have a positive or negative ending. If we choose to act in a self indulgent, negative manner, then the problem will be re-presented throughout our lives, until we get it right. It is just like being at school, you cannot move out of first grade to a higher class, until you understand the subject and pass the tests successfully.


On the higher dimensions, you do not have situations commonly involving greed, malice, selfishness, hate, fear, envy or spite. That is why it is so hard to make progress there, in a quick way. Everyone on the higher dimensions is kind, loving and tolerant, so you react in the same way. But on Earth, you have many situations that do involve these negative emotions.

People may often be unkind, mean and hateful to you, but while you cannot control their behaviour, you can control your own. You can be loving and caring back to a selfish, mean person. You can forgive those who have hurt you and not seek revenge. You can behave like an angel, for that is what you now remember that you are. You can move out of an unloving relationship or fearful situation and choose to live in a loving, kinder environment, while mentally and wholeheartedly forgiving and sending 'light' to those who choose to live in darkness. You have choices and you choose to be an angel.

So you see this Great Earth School is a very odd sort of University of Life. It's teachers and pupils are everywhere and everyone. Even animals can teach you to be kind and loving. When we are kind to animals, we are showing our angelic natures. When we care for all peoples of this Earth, we are showing our angelic qualities. When we seek out peace, love and compassion, then we are acting as an angel. We are then becoming prize pupils of the Great Earth School. As we learn about the spirit world and begin to use our forgotten angel powers, such as telepathy, healing and higher communication, we become more angelic, we pass with honors.

  Earth has also been called the Great Library of the Universe, but it is a living library, not a stagnant one filled with dry information. All the knowledge that you could ever want to know or experience is locked within Gaia's memory banks. Your library card to unlock this information is your own spiritual and angelic nature. As you raise your spiritual 'light' you have access to deeper and more important universal information.

A kindergarten child does not access the information of a college library, it is far beyond his or her understanding. But in spiritual matters you can soon graduate from a kindergarten class to a college class, by your own efforts. This effort consists of opening your heart and mind, finding a spiritual path that interests you and learning as much as you can about this subject - then begin living it.

Everyone of you has come to Earth for a special reason. Not just to overcome your own karma, but to show your unconditional love to the people, animals and the planet Gaia herself, through selfless, loving acts of your own. All of you have the ability to be great teachers, healers, artists in colour and form, dancers, singers, counsellors, carers, philosophers and more. You have come to Earth, to the Great School, to graduate with distinction and to live a satisfying, loving, happy life, using your angelic talents and growing in 'light' as a spiritual person. In this way you will finally graduate from Earth's three-dimensional School and have entry into higher spheres of learning and loving.

  Now it is time to leave the camp-fire, dear friends. Think on my words, for they are true and full of my love for you all.
  Grandfather Grey Wolf
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