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A Message Of Love and Light

A message from the Master Lord Sananda

  Presented and Channelled By

Blessings to you, my children. This is Sananda, known to you as Jesus. I have incarnated on many planets where the light has been needed, where there has been darkness in the souls of mankind. I came to you on this planet long ago, to spread the Light to awaken you to who you truly are and to the Light that is within you all. Many of you have heeded my word and many have not, for always you have free choice.

I am now about to come to you again, in a different form and a different way and so throughout your Earth, I send messages to those who will listen. I ask you this time, to find the Light within you and raise that Light (spiritual understanding and power), so that when I come, you my troops are ready and that you understand, you recognise me, with open arms.



In each incarnation, I bring a slightly different message. For each time in your history, you have a different understanding. I could not talk to the ancient Israelites of space ships. This they would not have understood. Nor could I talk to the South Americans of Jehovah, for this they would not have understood. As humankind progresses, with its mental powers and sciences, therefore, the message becomes more involved, more intricate. I am sure, still ahead of me will be many incarnations, in which I will appear, whether on this planet or others and the message shall vary, but underneath it, is always the true message of Love.

For Love, my children, is the basis of all. It is truly of the Light. Where there is love, there is no hatred, no fear, no doubt and no pain. I ask you, therefore, when I ask you to raise the Light, to bring into your heart, as much Love as you possibly can. Love for all races, love for all religions, love for all sexes. Let there be no division between you and any of humankind or any of the animals or any of the Light forces upon this Earth.


Let you truly love them all, with Love, with Light, with hope and truly you will then be ready, when I come to be part of my Army of Light workers. I send you blessings. You spread such light and radiance that it warms up the whole area, in which you reside. Never doubt the Light that is within you, for it is truly a wondrous gift and as I see you using it, it brings such joy to my heart. I leave you now. Know that your work is good and ongoing and I am ever here for all of you. Call my name and I will be with you, for guidance and for love.

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