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A message from the Master Kwan Yin

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Blessings to you children of Earth, I am Kwan Yin, known to you as the Chinese Goddess of compassion, mercy and healing.

Many of you here are living valuable lives, but perhaps you feel that you could do more. Many of you feel that you are born for a purpose and perhaps you have not achieved that purpose yet. Some of you know of the myths of your different culture, of the great heroes that did great things, your Argonauts, your Hercules and Esther, those that have striven to do more with their lives and to do God's will as they saw it. I would tell you of a person of your planet that perhaps you have heard of, called Diogenes who lived in ancient Greece and was a great philosopher and was also a very beautiful man.



He had both beauty and brains and kindness of heart and many of the philosophers of that time argued about what was mankind; the meaning of man. Was he just an animal, or did he have a spiritual nature as well? And Aristotle the philosopher, who I am sure you have heard of, said at that time "that mankind was merely an animal that stood on two legs and was naked."

And so Diogenes went out and searched for an animal that would fit this description and he found a peacock and plucked it of all of its feathers and presented it standing on its two legs naked to Aristotle and said, "Here is your human being." But of course, it was not; it was just an animal, although all animals are united to mankind in that they have the life force within them. They are all part of the Creator's will.


Diogenes believed in self responsibility and I am sure that those of you here who know of your spiritual ethics, know that that is one of the prime principles, that of self responsibility. He believed in it so much that no matter what happened to him in his life, he made sure that he was the master of his life.

At one time he was standing by a stream and three slave traders saw him and were quite taken by his beauty. They decided to kidnap him and to sell him on the slave market. But when he overheard them, he took it into his own mind that he was the master of the situation and so he presented himself to them and said, "Rather than be a slave, I will be sold as a master. I will go willingly with you to the slave market. It will be an interesting experience to be sold."


Diogenes led them to the slave market. He was master of the situation. He placed himself upon the block that the slaves stood on and he presented himself to the crowd and told them of his abilities. And he said, "I will be sold as a master, but not as a slave."

Diogenes was sold to the ruler of that kingdom who was there with his wife, the queen. The queen was quite taken with the beauty and the brilliance of Diogenes and begged her husband to buy him. But Diogenes said to him, "I will come to you as a master, but not as a slave."


Diogenes was sold and the king took him away, but the king said, "You must remember you are a slave, not a master."

But Diogenes said to him: "Already I am the master of your wife's heart" and she had to agree that this was so. The king then saw indeed, that to have a master around is not always a wondrous thing to have. It can in fact be a liability rather than a blessing and so he asked Diogenes to leave the castle. In all things, he was master of the situation and I say to you here, take mastery of your lives, take self-responsibility.

  The bad things that happen to you, are not God's curses. Sometimes they may be karmic interference, but again, you have taken on the role of dealing with that karma. The good things that happen to you, are not just the blessings of fate, they are the things that you manifest in your own mind and own heart. Be master of your life. If you wish to create myths about your life, do so. If you wish to have a wonderful life doing work for Spirit, increasing your own Light.

Begin to write your own myth today. Sit down and write what you want out of life and visualise yourself being a hero or a heroine and achieving those aims. See yourself as being a brilliant master of this life and believe in it and that is what you will attain. The power and benevolence of the Universe is there for you to use.

  I will leave you now, my friends. It is always good to speak to you. Know that whatever you are doing in your life, if it feels right, if it feels that you are in service of Spirit, if it feels that you are achieving your own enlightenment, then know that you are on the right path. If things are negative and grey and unhappy in your life, look to yourself. It is not Spirit that is blocking you, it is yourself. Spirit only wishes to contact you and help you. Open up your hearts and your own joy and bliss within your life and make yourselves masters of this life, for you all have the ability within you to do so. Blessings to you all, dear children.
Kwan Yin
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