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Never Fear Death

A message from the Master Joachim

  Presented and Channelled By

Blessings to you dear friends, I am Joachim.

Dear ones, never be afraid of dying. You have all died many hundreds of times in your past incarnations and you are still here, are you not? Death is not an ending. It is not a suppression of your Spirit. It is indeed an expansion. It is like you having been a caterpillar and suddenly becoming a butterfly. That is how wondrous it truly is.



Imagine if you like, the little caterpillar that spends his life on a twig with a few leaves to eat and a few other caterpillars as friends. See how limited that life is. That is like your life on Earth. Dear friends, have you not often wondered why certain things happen to you? Because you cannot see the bigger picture, or why you are here? Everything seems to have a meaning that is indecipherable to you.

And yet, when that caterpillar turns into the butterfly, as you become an angelic being, when you, as you say, pass over, as you fly up higher, you begin to see the bigger picture. The caterpillar sees the twig is part of a branch, which is part of a tree, which is part of a forest. He sees there are sky and clouds, that there are houses and people. And so it is when you go to a higher dimension, after what you call death. You then see your life as it truly was- you see the bigger picture, what it was all about.


Why you had to learn certain lessons, which ones you passed successfully and which ones you failed in. Often it is surprising the things that you ask yourself to achieve. There is many who have been an important being, such as a pope, or an archbishop, or a great guru who thought that they were doing the work that they were sent to do and yet on passing over, found perhaps that they were meant to learn humility in this life, humbleness, kindness and love for fellow man.

It is sometimes very difficult, when you are here, to understand why you are here on Earth and to understand if you are fulfilling your purpose. The closer contact you make with Spirit, then it becomes clearer to you, if you are on the right or wrong pathway. If life seems happier, more joyful, more connected with others, then that is a good clue to you, that you are following your heart's purpose.


When you see the bigger picture and you pass over, or die, you are able to see then, your relationship ties with other people. How strong those bonds are, how you incarnate together in groups, often time and time again, to achieve some higher purpose, but also, to work out these relationship ties with others.

And so, if you are good, sensible caterpillars in this life, dear friends, you make sure you send loving light to all those that have harmed you and all those that you have harmed now, while you have the chance. Not just out of selfishness, but in order that you don't carry that weight around with you, for the rest of your life, in order that the Light that you send to others, may relieve them of their guilt, or their burden and so you do not have to come back, once more and relive similar patterns, until you finally all learn the lessons.


And now for encouragement, dear friends, because for many of you, this will be an amazing lifetime, in which much of your karmic ties will finally dissolve. For one of the major purposes in incarnating time and time again, dear friends, is to realise that you are divine. You are not just human, you have in you the divine spark of God.

You are able to achieve many great, wondrous things in this lifetime and as the planet and you change your vibration to a lighter, airier, more loving vibration, a more God centred vibration and as your memory reawakens to the great beings you truly are (that you truly are butterflies, not caterpillars) then great expansions open towards you.


Expansions of understanding, of previously learned material coming back to you, of seeing that you are not separate, that you are united with all life forces, seeing that there is no need to live in fear on this planet, but it truly is a love centred life that you can achieve for yourself.

And once you realise your limitlessness, once you see you cannot truly die and be finished, that even death expands into a greater awareness and a greater opportunity for growth, then you can achieve anything that you like on this Earth and have no fear of harm, or death to yourself, for truly how can you harm the Spirit? You cannot.

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