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Using Psychic Power Wisely.

A message from the Master Mother Mary

  Presented and Channelled By

Blessings to All of you. This is Mother Mary speaking. The energies that are touching you, on the Earth at this time are increasing the personal power within. These energies are sent from the Divine Father/Mother to you all. They are energies to be used for good and not to be misused.

In the past, psychic power has often been used in a destructive manner. For those, that were powerful on your Earth, used this power to manipulate and enslave other humans. Power destroyed these people and destroyed those, on which it was turned. But the power I am speaking of, is not the power that was used then. It is the power to Be that resides in All of you.



We can not let you use this power for evil and so at this time, we are releasing many blockages that are within your body, within your mind, within your soul pattern. For most of those people, in the past, that have used personal psychic power, have used it from guilt, from anger, from greed and from fear. But we want you to use this power from love and from compassion. We wish you to use this power, to help your fellow human beings and to help the planet.

It does not mean that you have to be feeble, submissive or weak. Let this power ride through your body and mind and soul, and let it allow you, to do great works upon this Earth. You are all living under the misunderstanding that you are humans experiencing spirituality. In fact, you are all spirits experiencing humanity. You have forgotten the wondrous powers that you once had, but these are now being reborn within you.


It is a time to regain that power, but power to be used for the highest, as it comes from the Highest. All of you have a mission on this Earth. Not a mission to gain materially; wealth, power, enslave others, to come famous, no. Your mission is to raise the level of humanity's spiritual understanding. To create a life force that connects with each person, upon the Earth. To have people become attuned to the Highest of their very own being, and in doing so, become attuned to God, Spirit, the Creator, once more.

This can be done in a joyous manner, this can be done in a loving manner. By bringing up this power to help others, you also raise around you wonderful vibrations, that will draw to you, the greatest and wondrous of the gifts of the Earth. You will live in plenty, in health, in love and abundance, created around you. But do not use this power, to only achieve these ends, instead use the power for the highest of all.


As you find a great connection with your Spiritual Guides around you, as you feel a greater connection with human kind, so that you even observe those you consider the lowest, to still be part of the whole of humanity, as you see that there is a great connection to the animal kingdom upon your Earth, as you see Light and Love in all things, so this power grows.

Use this power wisely, with thought, with wonder and with joy. I leave you now. Blessings on you all, for you are all Light workers in the Divine Cause. Use the power wisely, my friends and it will bring you great joy.

Mother Mary.
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