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The Question Of Ritual

A message from the Master Kwan Yin

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Blessing to you, my children. I am Kwan Yin.

The question has been asked how important is ritual in the work of Light. I will begin by discussing, how important ritual has been in the past. All religions employ rituals in order that people become focused on the task. I'm sure that many of you here have attended, perhaps Carols by Candlelight, or an Earth Ceremony, a christening, or a wedding and have observed the rituals that take place.

Many of these rituals, have come down through the ages and many of them are thousands of years old. The combined energies of the people who engage in these rituals, help to raise, as you would say, the vibration around them. So that if you attend a marriage ceremony, you are uplifted by the words that are spoken. Or if you attend a funeral, you often feel great sadness and despair, as your vibration mingles with others.



In the past, it has been important, since the written word was known only to a few, that through ritual, ideas, expression, connecting with God was passed down, because it was so formalised. But, if you live now as you do, as present day Light Workers, how important then, is ritual to you now?

Oh yes, your vibration rate can still be raised by doing a similar act with others. But, I would suggest to you that there is great negativity also, that has come from rituals. For what has happened in the past is that eventually people began to employ shamans and priests, others to take on the power of rituals, others to do their spiritual work.

And, my dear friends, it is truly a fact, that no one else can do your spiritual work for you. Your pathway must be stepped along, strolled along, only by you. Others can encourage and help, but getting a priest to say a prayer for you, getting a priest to speak to God for you, getting a priest to absolve your sins, is not right. You all have an immediate spontaneous connection with Spirit, with God.


There is no need for someone else, to be an intermediary for you. Also, when you perform a ritual that has lost its meaning, then indeed you are not raising your vibration or Light. Many people, daily perform rituals that mean nothing to them. Many people go to churches regularly, yet they leave with no feeling of elation, no feeling of spiritual contact. These are meaningless rituals.

As Light Workers, Awakened Ones, you must be aware that you're coming into a special time frame on your Earth, establishing what you would call 'now time' or simultaneous time. You are not so connected to the past, nor to the future. It is therefore a time to, as you would say, discontinue many antiquated rituals.

A famous Taoist once said, 'Why do people always turn to the past? Why do they cling to the ancient ways? Would you wear the same clothes that you wore when you were 4 or 5 years old?' Think about it friends. Just because a ritual is 2,000 or 3,000 years old, does not mean that it is meaningful for those who now live in the 20th Century.


If you must have rituals in your life, establish new innovative rituals, that have meaning for you. If you do this with your own internal power or with others that feel the same, then you are truly creating an enlightening experience. And once the ritual has become too formalised, has lost its power, then please cease to be involved with that ritual.

Many of you may use affirmations to encourage yourself to bring into manifestation what you need and this may excite you at first, but, if you find the affirmations indeed become stale and that you feel they lose their power then, please discontinue them.

As Light Workers your power is immediate, it is within you, it is awakening strongly. You do not need others to increase that power, except in unusual circumstances. Your connection with God is immediate. You do not need others to intervene for you.


Certainly, keep on searching for advice. Searching for teachers that will help to encourage you, to greater heights of Light inducement within you, but do not be caught up in meaningless rituals. Do not spend hours doing something that only takes a second. You do not need magic stones. You do not need magic wands. You do not have to perform strange and intricate rituals each morning, to connect with God. All you need to do, is to immediately send your thought and loving thoughts to God, and open up your inner ears and listen for your reply.

So I would say on the whole dear friends, that the time of ritual has ended, other than those that you create for a very short period of time.

I know realistically, that being in the 3rd to 4th dimensions, as you are now, you must make some long range plans or goals etc, but if you are not attached to them, just turning out the way you expect, then indeed, if these long range plans fall by the wayside, you are not hurt or upset by them doing so.


Flow with life, flow with the energy of the moment, when you decide to do something. Then go with that flowing feeling. If it feels right, as you would say, do it. If you think there are impediments, blocks along the way, then stop, rest a while, then perhaps you will decide to flow in another direction entirely.

Do not give too much energy to the past, because you cannot change the past, as it's happened, and do not give too much energy to the future saying; 'I will not enjoy myself till next year. I will not do such and such, till next year.' How do you know that you will be on Earth next year?

Indeed flow with the impulse at the moment, flow with the energy of the deed. This is why rituals will become, as I have said, antiquated because they are past time. They are another person's way of doing things. Do things your way, that seem instinctively and intuitively right.

  You all come in, as you would say, with hang-ups, problems, blocks from former lifetimes, in which you did not love yourselves enough. Perhaps, you have taken on some childhood patterns of others, that maybe, are not working. But, dear ones, you are all diamonds within yourselves, beautiful diamonds, emeralds, rubies. I look along this room; topaz, sapphires, the Inner Light that you all have, that is radiated out in your auric field, shows me what wonderful souls you are. You are all sparkling, divine.

Therefore you should love yourself, as you would love the Divine Creator and you should therefore try to improve yourself, in many, many ways making yourselves the beautiful gemstones you are. The beautiful sparks of light, you truly are. You are all very lovable.

A lot of people are picking up information from past lives, through which you learn little rituals that help. This is not what I'm talking about. I am talking about rituals that large masses of people involve themselves in, that give no enlightening or uplifting feeling, but they feel that they must do it.

  There are beings that perhaps, you know are involved. They feel they must do it or somehow they will be lost forever into the darkness, but somehow, they feel no difference afterwards. They get no joy from those valuable times and indeed they are falling down, as you would say, they are wasting valuable time, which could be spent on another spiritual pursuit.

Those that go to churches, because they feel that if they don't go every Sunday, somehow they will end up in as you would say in Hades or hell. But, they get no joy by being there. They do not touch the souls of others, while they're there. They do not increase their power. And again this is meaningless ritual. But, those that go to church and are joyful and loving and get great upliftment from it, then indeed that ritual has worked for them.

I would say to you; 'look at your rituals. That is the idea. See what uplifts you, see what makes you really feel alive and connected to Spirit and if these little rituals that you are doing for healing, are working fine for you then, that is great.'


But, be not attached to them. Allow the time to come, when you suddenly find that you do not need these rituals. When you are so confident in your own healing abilities within yourself, that you radiate the light automatically without the rituals involved. Do you understand what I mean? It is a progression of confidence and faith and then, you can drop your ritual.

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