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Unconditional Love

A message from the Master Mother Mary

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I have been asked countless millions of questions, over many millenniums. Questions concerning religion. Questions concerning death and life. Questions concerning health, family and love. If you can think of any possible question - I have the answer. The answer is always love, unconditional love.

What do I mean by Unconditional Love, as opposed to romantic love, mother love, sisterly love, fatherly love and love of country? I mean a special all encompassing Greater Love that embraces all people, all animals, all planets and all things. An Unconditional Love that does not separate beings from one another, by gender, race, status or religion. This Unconditional Love shouts to the world; 'I love everyone and everything. Everyone is my brother, my sister, my equal, my soul mate. Everything comes from God. Everything is Spirit. How can I not love everything that is made of Spirit?'

Here are some frequently asked questions with the same answer every time - Unconditional Love.



Q. I cannot get on with a person at work. What do I do about it?

A. Send her Unconditional Love. It will change the vibration between you to a better one. Look at why she upsets you? Can you learn from this?

Q. I was brought up to dislike people who are not Christians. Is this right?

A. You cannot pretend that you are practicing Unconditional Love, if you only love those of your own religion. Does not Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan suggest that you should honour and love all people?


Q. My parents taught me to fear people of other races. I feel this is wrong. How do I overcome this?

A. To be Unconditionally Loving you must disregard the colour of people's skin and different culture. If you fear something, confront it. Go out and meet these different races with a smile on your face. You will soon discover that they are just like you.

Q. Surely men are superior to women? I am just not totally convinced. I have met some really strong women. What is the answer?

A. Again, get to know many women, strong and weak. Forget their gender and look into their hearts and minds. You have been a woman in a past life and possibly future incarnation. Do you not love yourself? Become an Unconditional Loving, non-sexist person.

  Q. How do I get to really like myself. I feel I have done some pretty bad things?

A. If you can forgive others the same crimes, then with Unconditional Love, forgive yourself. However, learn from the experience and do not repeat the same errors.

Q. I cannot forgive my father who abused me as a child. What do I do?

A. Send him Unconditional Love, at a distance. One day your hatred will turn to Unconditional Love and you may be able to forgive him in person. This is the more angelic way to act.

  Q. How do I get people to like me?

A. Treat them with Unconditional Love. Smile, be pleasant, listen to their troubles and stories and do not judge them. Share who you truly are, with them. Be likable, in order to be liked.

Q. I would like to do some good with my life, but I do not know what to do. Any clues?

A. Think of what most excites you and which benefits others. What are your skills? Now use them with Unconditional Love to help others. Ask for Divine guidance.

  Q. I am on heavy drugs and do not know what to do about it. Help.

A. Use Unconditional Love on yourself. Think of who you would like to become. The Highest version of yourself. Now strive to become this. Accept help from others and Spirit. Believe in yourself. This is a task you asked for, to overcome. Be brave enough to challenge it.

Q. My partner of six years just walked out on me and I feel pretty hurt and vengeful. What should I do about it?

A. Forgive your partner with Unconditional Love. He has actually done you a big favour by leaving, as he was not your Twin Flame. Now you are free, search for your Twin Flame, by becoming all the qualities that you wish in him.

  Q. My country is at war with another. Should I hate these 'enemies'?

A. War breeds hate. No good comes from hate. It debases all it touches. Instead devote yourself to Unconditional Love and make friends with your enemies. Understand them and their grievances and learn to love not hate.

Q. I cannot forgive my mother who left me, when I was a kid. It has made me wary of loving others. What is the answer?

A. Unconditional Love is the answer. Forgive your mother. She is human like you and therefore fallible. You make mistakes, so does she. Love her again, and you will learn to love and welcome others, into your life.

  Q. My best friend has just told me that he is gay. How should I react to this?

A. With Unconditional Love. He has been honest with you and trusted you with his deep inner most feelings. Respect that trust. Treat him like a friend.

Q. I want to get promotion at work, and I know something bad about someone who is also up for a higher position. Do I tell my boss?

A. If you do fall prey to your most negative urgings, you will never know if you got the promotion on merit or on malice. Besides, you will have this done to you one day in return, as karma. Treat your opponent with Unconditional Love. You may one day be surprised, at where this leads.

  Q. My parents always gave my brother more love and attention. Now he needs my help. What should I do?

A. Help him, of course. Do not be petty. You are greater than this. Help him with Unconditional Love. Be angelic, not piggish.

Q. A 'so called friend' who hurt me badly wants me to forgive her as she is dying of cancer. I do not want to forgive her, but I am not sure if this is right. Your comment please?

A. Forgive her with Unconditional Love. Open up your heart. Her negative actions have hurt you far too much. Release them, now.

  Q. I am very lonely and retired. How can I meet new friends?

A. To get a friend, be a friend. Look around you, who needs help? Who needs Unconditional Love? Supply it. You will create friends for life.

Q. I have always been the 'good one' who gave up everything for others. Now I want my share. How do I go about it?

A. 'Good Ones' also need Unconditional Love from themselves and others. Expect love and help. But do not demand it. Instead keep spreading your Unconditional Love and a helping hand, but make time for yourself. You are worthy of love too.

  Q. I fear life and the unknown.

A. This incarnation should be a great adventure, not a frightening experience. Do not fear life, embrace it. Use your talents with Unconditional Love to help others. Be braver than you are and you will soon enjoy being here.

Q. How can there be a God when there is so much suffering in the world?

A. God allows us all freewill to create our own personal and planetary world. We create the inequality and suffering and therefore we are given the tools and gifts to change these situations for the better. We can choose to wail about it or begin to do something about the misery, we have created. I ask you to raise your own Unconditional Loving nature and start to help others who are less fortunate. Make a difference. Find and use your own God power within.

  Q. My friends think we should make fun of a strange girl in our class, who does not fit in. What do you think?

A. Imagine that you were that unfortunate girl. How would you like to be treated? With Unconditional Love or ridicule? Be angelic, become her friend not her enemy.

Q. I am intimidated by anyone in authority. How can I overcome this?

A. See others as being like yourself, insecure and small children playing at being adults in control. You are the equal of these people. On one level, we are all the same, all angels. If you were an angel would you be intimidated by another angel? No. Treat them with Unconditional Love not fear.

  Q. I am greatly attracted to someone else who may be my soul mate, but my husband is cramping my style. What do you think?

A. You cannot build a wonderful, positive relationship from something as negative as lust for another and disrespect for your husband. Twin Flame relationships are not built in this way. Give all concerned, Unconditional Love. Sort out your relationships in a caring way, then try again.

Q. I am a very phobic and sensitive person. How do I get to be more normal?

A. By treating yourself with Unconditional Love. Phobias often come from unresolved emotional blocks. Find someone professional to help you confront and release these negative blocks. Learn to trust in the Universe and start to use your inner gifts to help others. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive, but use your sensitivity for the good of others, not merely self interest.

  Q. This talk of aliens, the Greys etc. frightens me. How can I overcome this fear?

A. Treat aliens and the thought of them, with Unconditional Love. They are, on a higher level, angels like you, who have lost their way. Protect yourself psychically from them by surrounding yourself in a brilliant blue light and call on Lord Michael for help, when afraid. Think of life as an adventure not a curse.

Q. This nation's economy is based on hard work and enterprise. I have done well financially. Why should I care about starving kids overseas. Isn't this their karma?

A. Your karma may be to help them overcome their destitution, by helping them financially and with Unconditional Love. Share your good luck and hard work with others. This is the higher way to love and live.

  Q. Surely sexuality is natural, like breathing. Why shouldn't I have multiple partners?

A. You have the freewill to do with your body, as you wish. But are you engaging in promiscuity for love or inner compulsive need? Find out the difference and treat yourself with Unconditional Love.

Q. I believe in the death penalty for major crimes. What is wrong with this?

A. Well, a person who kills another is a murderer, whether it is state sanctioned or not, and must pay the karma on this. If you find out afterwards that the condemned killer was not guilty, how can you redress the crime? You cannot. A harsh society promotes capital punishment. A society which lives in Unconditional Love, creates a nobler, more loving, peaceful society. Your choice.

  Q. I hate murderers, rapists and child molesters. This cannot be wrong, can it?

A. I suggest that you hate the acts, but not the people involved. Believe it or not, these unfortunate people are often like you, loving to others and good citizens. They have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters too. Far better if our society learnt to spot the emotional blocks in such people, early in life and helped re-educate them in an Unconditionally Loving manner.

Q. I love my immediate family unconditionally. Why do I have to love others too?

A. I feel, that you are loving your family conditionally, not unconditionally. You love your mother because she loves you. You help your sister because she helps you out, in turn. If they despised you, you would not love them. This is conditional human love. Unconditional Love is the emotion and act of loving others, who you do not know or even like. This is an angelic, higher love. Embrace it.

  I send you my Unconditional Love and I send you my Light.
  Mother Mary
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