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A message from the Master Kal-ket

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My name is Kal-ket. In my last incarnation, I was an Egyptian, who was an adviser to Akhenaten, who was Pharaoh. He ruled with his wife, Nefertiri, the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt. Akhenaten, in his short reign of 12 years, brought to his people, the philosophy, the idea of One God, one deity, instead of the countless hundreds of gods, which they worshipped at that time.

His ideas were revolutionary and were not well appreciated by the masses. That One God, he named Aten, the Sun God, for it was a sign, a symbol that the people could look up to, (which they had previously called Ra). While his new religion was adopted by the upper echelon of Egypt, the masses still continued in their own way, to serve their own many Gods. For they found the idea too difficult to conceive, of One God only, that was in all things, in all men.



And in some ways, this is similar to what is happening in your own time, on this planet. For while people will say with their lips, that they believe in One God, in one Divine Power, in the Oneness of all beings, they tend to give their service to materialism and to other outside influences. They spend very little time in communion with that One God and they have their fights and their factions, their wars and truly do not see all people of the Earth, as being equal.

So in some ways, you Light workers are in a minority, as were those higher officials of Egypt, who for a short while, truly believed in the One God.


You are coming out of the time of Pisces, into the time of Aquarius. Pisces has always been seen, as the symbol of the fish and you would say, if you like, that that fish has been swimming in cold water for a very long time, for two thousand years. And there have been many steps forward, in mankind in this time, economically, materially, yet spiritually, it has had its dark and its light ages.

But now you are going into Aquarius, you could say that the water element is turning into steam, into air, that is the sign of Aquarius and the fish can no longer remain in the cold water. So the fish must either learn to fly, as your flying fish do, or else it will be boiled in the steam that surrounds it. This is like the many people on your planet, who do not wish to change, who do not wish to come into the time of Aquarius, with a higher octave of understanding, a higher vibration. They wish to remain as they have been for the last two thousand years, yet they cannot remain. For the planetary forces that are touching those at this time, are causing conditions around them that must make them wake up, must make them think, why are they here? What purpose is their life and what value is their life?


They cannot remain as the fish, in the cold water and yet, if they do not turn into the flying fish of the air, they truly will have problems. You are fortunate, here in this group, that your mind and your ideals and your thoughts are broad. So that you can see many aspects, many philosophies and I see that you have all had many incarnations in many lifetimes, some in my Egypt and so you are able to think about different concepts, much more than the masses are able.

You will easily all make the transition into the air sign, from the water sign of Pisces, so do not fear this. But how you are to bring the word to those and the comfort to those, who will find the transition very difficult, is the problem.


One can only say to you, as so many others in Spirit have said to you, send those people Light and send them Love. Be there for them. You can see their faults, but still send them your love. You can see their anguish, yet send them your love. But do not get caught up in their battles, their pain, their fear, for that will tend to pull you down, back into being the fish in the cold water. Remain calm when you can, be centred.

Know that although you are on a higher plane in some ways, you have still come here for service, to help the masses. Some of you, perhaps, were priests back in Egypt, at the time when the thought of the One God was revolutionary. Now you have new revolutionary thoughts to give to the people, that they can become Higher beings, they can have that connectedness with God.


Each in your own way, will find the way, the words, the deeds, that will promote that understanding, that rapport with others. Look into your hearts and you will find the way that is easiest and best for you. For it is a familiar concept, that you are all well aware of.

And know, that we all send you Light, we all send you Love and we watch with great eagerness, the events that are about to happen on the Earth.

  I leave you now. Farewell
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