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Winds Of Change

A message from the Master White Buffalo Woman

  Presented and Channelled By

Gitchi Manitou, (May God Smile Upon You.) I am White Buffalo Woman.

There are great winds sweeping the Earth at this time, not winds that you can see or feel, but winds of change. The planet itself is changing, it is rising in Light and you all here are changing. All of humanity is changing. All life forms on the planet are changing. You are all raising in Light and to do so causes upheaval on your planet.



You will find very strange occurrences now and in the future. You will find many babies being born that are neither one sex, nor the other, but perhaps both. You will see a change on your animals on this planet - many leaving, feeling the vibration too strong they purposely leave the planet. You will see many mutations on your planet, animals coming in that have not been seen before.

As you yourself raise in Light, you will find that you are capable of great talents, great gifts that previously were restricted to the Masters and to the Great Grandfather Spirit, Wankatanka. You will find that you can do unusual things. You will find that you can remember your many lives very clearly, for they are not happening in the past, they are happening now. Time is ceasing. The many multi dimensions around you are becoming as One. Time and space are collapsing.


You are coming into the Now presence, which will be all that there will be and from it will come great growth within yourself. Many new children are being born on the planet. They are the Star seeds from the many different star systems, come in at this time for the birth of the planet and of all beings on the planet. They come in with joy and laughter, they come in with courage.

You too here, must have courage for as these changes occur they will often disrupt your current life. You must not look at disruptions in your life as negative. You must see them as a positive impetus to push you forward, to allow you to become the Masters that you are meant to be. You are meant to be beings of Light. You cannot do this by staying as you were in the past. You must be open to change, open to Spirit working through you. You must create in your environment, a Heaven here now on Earth, not be separate from Heaven, nor from the Great Grandfather Spirit. You are being called back into his arms.


As the Light grows stronger on the planet, just as it does at noontime, so it throws the shadows into darker relief and so you will find on this Earth, those that are attracted to the darkness fighting back from the Light and perhaps even fighting you, if not physically, certainly psychically. Protect yourselves at all times. There is a Law of the Universe; 'that is the Law of Affinity - like is attracted to like'. Those that work for the God force, are attracted to those who have the God force awakened within them. Make sure that you associate often with people that are spiritual of mind, speech and behaviour.

This is not to say that you do not keep yourself away from those that have still not awakened, that slumber in the darkness, for you are here to help them, to uplift them. But first of all, increase your own power and when in yourself you have doubts, when in yourself you need confirmation that the Spirit is rising in you, seek those around you that can give you support, care and wisdom. It is important at this time, for as your body rises in power, your mind will often try to defeat this, for the mind sees itself loosing power. It tries to help you cling to the past, for it is familiar with the past, or it tries to help you project into the future, for this is what you have done often. It is essential you stay in the Now.


The mind has little power in the Now, other than working for you. When you are in the Now all your fears disappear. When you are in the Now, your courage is sustained. Stay in the Now and make sure you spend much time with those that are in the Now also, that are working for Spirit and are increasing the Light within them and you will find that you have great courage, Light and Power developing in your body, spirit, mind.

White Buffalo Woman
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