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Katrice Balmer


Angels In My Heart


The presence of Angels is all around my being
Telling me to look around and truly see what I am seeing
The deeds I do and those I meet are falling into place
I realize We are as One
We're in a state of grace

  What I need just comes to me if I allow it to unfold
Don't have to push
No need to pull
There is no need to hold
I ask for what it is I need and then watch as it appears
The Angels aren't just all around
It's in my heart
They're Here.
  The pages they are turning in the story of my life
The shifts are coming daily now
I feel no need for strife
The Light that shines is on high beam
And shines for all to see
I am so very grateful that this Light that shines is me.

We so often fall out of sync with the rhythm of our existence. We lose sight of what our Divine mission, at this time, is. We forget that all is in Divine time and order and exactly as it should be.

I hesitate to use the word should. Perhaps I should say as it is written. We know that we are here for a purpose however simple or grand it may be but still it is our duty to fulfil it.

This is not something to fear or hold back on. This is a Divine gift from the Creator to you and you and you. The inherent ability to create whatever it is that you so desire. Yes, we all have it. This is not just for a chosen few; the special Souls? We are all special and deserving. But, are we accepting?

What is it that is calling to your Soul right now? How long have you been hearing these messages from the winged messengers; your guardian angels, your co-creators in this stage of your evolution? Are you paying attention? Are you listening? Are you believing?


As in the poem above, realize that all you have to do is allow this future world in; now. For many of you, there is this sense that something huge is just around the corner. The next cog in the wheel, so to speak.

Open to it fully. Banish any of those old limitations and belief structures that told you it was too hard or too weird or too 'out there'. Maybe for those who spoke these dis-beliefs it seemed like an impossible task but it is not their task; it is your task.

Do you choose to move forward with confidence and belief in your own abilities or, are you content to stay where you are, doing what you are doing; getting by?

No reason to panic though. This is simply a question posed from one Being to another. It is only for you to decide which path you choose at this time. Just for you. No one else.


Take a deep breath and allow the path before you to become clear. Allow the focus to become sharp and then, implant it in your heart.

Yes, your heart. For it is here where the focus is sharpest. It is here where all else emanates from. So open your heart to receive the highest vision possible at this time.

Engage completely in the vision. See and feel your part in the realization of this divine manifestation.

You see you have only to do your part of this mission. You are surrounded and assisted at every turn by your guardians in the etheric realms. See how they blend synergistically with the totality of your earthly Being.


You are part of a Divine Team on behalf of the Creator. Your mission links up with many many other Souls and is a simple part of the Divine Plan for mankind.

And so you see, you are needed. You are being asked to accept your task because it is time. Many others call to you and you and you as they too seek some form of understanding as to their own unique paths.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to focus completely on the path ahead?

For in focusing completely on your own path, you act as a light along the path for others. Anchor in to what calls to your Soul. Welcome in this divine opportunity. Bless it and move on down the path. We are the ones we are looking for.


Katrice Balmer
Soul Works

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