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Katrice Balmer


The Courageous Journey

  Are you ready to take the next step on this, your courageous Journey to Self? Are you ready to enlist all the infinite assistance available to you in every moment? Come with me on a little adventure into the heart and Soul of this Being that is You………

The past few months have been filled with much excitement and many abrupt shifts in energy and direction, both within and without. It has been a time of fast paced activities.

There have also been many more times of quiet stillness, as if a waiting veil had been placed gently upon us, urging us to truly hear that voice within.

For those of you, who have been allowing that voice to guide you down this path, there have been miraculous occurrences. There have been times when you have truly believed in magic.

  In these moments have you truly allowed your Self to remember that this is the way it is meant to be? You are not meant to suffer and forget. We are the Gods and Goddesses that we have always been. We simply forgot what the original intent was that first set us off on this path into the ways of Mankind.

We came here to live a life of heaven on earth. All that we ever required was there in the beginning, just as it is now. Now is the time where we finally get to experience the wonderful fruits of our labours in Divine Manifestation.

Where we allow in all the love and assistance that is constantly pouring down upon our earthly Beings. There is no time for disbelief. When in a state of trust and faith and belief that anything is possible, there is no room to doubt to creep in.

Why do we doubt? Why do we choose to disregard the promptings of our Soul in times of need and distress? Did we perhaps forget that we are divinely protected in every moment in the embrace of the Creator? Never doubt that. For it is in this place of safety that You reside in this very moment. Yes. Right Now.

  Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deep of this knowing. You are divinely protected in each and every moment for all time and this has been true from the beginning of time. Even in those moments when fear was the dominant sensation coursing through your body, you were always held in the embrace of the Divine.

Just as in this very moment, as you settle into that quiet place within, you feel that soft and gentle mantle of protection being laid upon your shoulders.

Feel the strength that comes with knowing that you are never alone. Feel the openness that this creates, within all your energy fields, knowing that you can take that next step filled with the divine knowing that it is exactly what is required for you to move beyond your current fears and self-imposed limitations.

Dance in the fires of creativity as you blend with all the infinite resources available to you. Ask for assistance in all its many forms and then accept that assistance as it is presented. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only what serves you and what does not.


We are the way showers. We are here for one reason and one reason alone. To show by example the way of the Gods and Goddesses that we were created to be.

As you give so shall you receive and this is the creed for us to live by in the days and years ahead. No more to doubt and question your reason for being. Simply accept that you are being guided, in every moment, to become the You, you were meant to be.

In accepting our missions we agreed to be the ones we were looking for. Are you the one that you have been looking for? Are you ready to fulfil your reason for Being?

Will you accept prosperity in whatever manner it arrives; in whatever dimension it arrives in? A simple shift in perception is all that is necessary for you to welcome in the abundant reality that is already here, beyond the veil of illusions.


Ah yes, this has been quite the journey, has it not. And it has taken mighty courage for you to arrive at this juncture in time and space.

Stand tall and accept your shields and swords as you cut through the barriers to the manifestation of all that you can ever imagine in this, this life you lead.

Be the leader that you choose to follow and know that you are exactly in the time and space that is just right for you.

I send you all blessings of love and light and ever expanding Joy in the days ahead.


Katrice Balmer
Mind, Body and Spirit Alignments

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