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Katrice Balmer




Like the ever present motion of the ocean to the shore
Our Souls send out a beam of Light to call upon once more
Assistance from our guides and God to illuminate the way
And show us all the benefits that come with the debts we pay

  To clear our karma in this life for we all have come to see
Where it is we need to work - From HERE to Eternity
The lessons learned and successes felt as we come into our own
And in the end, we all will see how very much we’ve grown
  It IS the growth and learning for which we all return
To this place, from other realms, for it’s HERE we’ve come to learn
To shine our Light and be as One, with God, as in the past
For heaven on earth is what we create when acceptance comes at last
  Be thankful for this gift of life, for a treasure it truly is
Don’t fight, complain and question so as you reach for a state of bliss
Just live in trust and truth and Love, moving forward with ease and grace
Surrender to the Divine sense of Will and ride out this Human Race…………

……..and it does sometimes feel like we are in race, does it not? Constantly moving and running around and yet, seemingly going no where…..Where is it REALLY that we are all in such a hurry to go?

Take a moment and allow your Self to come into a place of center. Breathe down into the deep wells of intuitive knowing that are yours in every moment. Breathe this knowing fully into this current moment and sighhhhhhhh, as you relax into the fullness of your being. It is such a simple thing to do but, time and again, we simply forget. It is not a crime. You simply forgot that you are capable of coming back to center in every moment. Back to the center of your Soul where all is PERFECT, as it is, in all ways.

There is so much time spent in feelings of judgment, guilt and fear during these grand times of change. Please, please, please let these wasted emotions go. Allow them to leave you on the breath….with every breath…..there is no need for them. The only thing that these emotions give to you is a sense of defeat and remorse and lack. Is this your choice? To bring these lower based sensations into your daily round? I think not!


There are a few changes that will become necessary in the days to come. One of these changes will involve your choice to surrender to the Divine flow of life as orchestrated by the Creator/Source of All That IS. Yes…….SURRENDER to the Divine within your Soul. The part of you that IS the Creator of your life. Allow this glowing LIGHT being that you are to rise to the surface and become the Master that you already are.

Are you ready to fully accept your mastery? Are you ready to assume the leadership role within your own life?

Stand up tall and announce to YOUR SELF that you ARE ready to assume command of this physical vessel. You ARE ready to move towards your dreams just as easily as they are moving towards you, in this very moment. Put out your requests to the Universe and then allow all that you desire to manifest in this reality - in Divine right time and order.

YES, DIVINE right time and order.


It may not look like the perfect reality that you dream of BUT, it IS the perfect reality for right now, as you prepare for what is just around the corner. So step into a place of acceptance for life just as it is right now and then, allow all the necessary changes to occur, as you find your true place within the midst of it ALL.

May you feel the infinite Love that is currently pouring down upon you, in every now moment, assisting at every turn…….


Katrice Balmer
Mind, Body and Spirit Alignments

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