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Katrice Balmer




Many moons have come and gone since my feet first touched this shore
Many lifetimes too have passed since I felt the wind and more
The guidance that first spurred me on is Oh so very present
And in my heart I truly know that this is Heaven sent
Assisting me and guiding me to look both long and deep
Unearthing all those parts of me that have been so fast asleep.

  The flickering of the eyelids as I slowly start to waken
The breathing starts to quicken as I realize I’m shaken
Right to the centre of my Soul because I surely know
This life of mine is at the point where it is set to grow.
  The purpose I first started with has made its presence known
‘Tis now I see; it carries Me, much closer to my Home.

And where is this Home of which we speak? We are surely being guided to return to this place of sanctuary, this place of Love. Breathe deeply Dear Ones and feel the essence of Home. The sacred sanctuary of the Heart; the one heart and the one Soul of which we are all connected.

This place where all is as it should be and all is as it Is. Feel the opening as you are welcomed back into the fold. Feel the expansion as you breathe once more of this sacred space.

This shift of the ages, within which we currently find our Selves, has been long in the making. We have been here time and time again in preparation for this monumental surge forward. You, your Self, have been waiting in breathless anticipation for the changes to occur. What excitement!

So now the question before you is this……….Are you prepared to drop your barriers and shields to the fullness and power that resides within you? Are you prepared to open fully to the energies of the heart as you move in trust and faith down the Path?


For in the excitement, there is also a hesitancy, and with it some confusion as to what is next. Again, we counsel you; look to the heart. Please stop trying to understand everything that occurs within the confines of your human mind. This is not where the higher answers reside.

Visualize, if you will, an arc of energy extending from your third eye to the centre of your heart. Close your eyes and feel this arc of energy as it connects the power of the mind with the wisdom of the heart.

Breathe into this divine channel of loving wisdom and allow it to penetrate on all levels. This is where the answers come from. No more to allow the ego/mind to dictate the next step on the journey. Step fully into the wisdom of the heart and align with the current shifts from a higher perspective.

We are all being tested as we align with our highest vibration, moving fully into our own part of the Divine Plan. For, yes, we all have our own part in the grand scheme of things.


Have you found your part? Are you still searching for the reason of your being? Are you ready to honour the sacredness of your particular journey; your journey Home?

You are not alone on this journey, regardless of how it may look and feel on any given day. You are connected on so very many levels. Honour your own unique connection, if only through something as simple of these few words.

Read them with your mind and feel them with your heart. The heart never lies. The heart is Love. The heart is Home. Open fully to this expansion of your very Soul.

Allow your Self to open to intuition, insight and inner wisdom. The time is ripe for crossing over any barriers that may be hindering your growth. The excitement builds; what magic will you encounter on your journey. What do you see through the door?

Welcome Home to the Love and Wisdom of your Heart.


Katrice Balmer
Mind, Body and Spirit Alignments

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