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Katrice Balmer


Integrating The Higher Energies…..
In The Days To Come.


We all know that much has occurred these past few months energetically. Not only within you, but throughout the entire planet as well. Everyone and everything has been affected by the higher vibrational frequencies that are currently radiating throughout the totality of the Universe. Changes are most definitely afoot……….

Are you choosing to rise up into the fullness of your Being or are you choosing to stay put. Just where you are. Just where you have always been. A choice is now upon you. You must remember Dear Ones. You are the Chosen Ones. We all are.

We must remember however, that we did choose to respond to the Clarion Call, knowing full well that this day would come. This is the day we have been preparing for since the beginning of time. The time is Now and whether you consciously align with the Higher vibrations throughout your own physical body or not, the shifts are happening. We are, each and every one of us, feeling them, whether consciously or sub-consciously.


Many of you are having trouble with your breathing and finding your self completely devoid of any interest in interacting with others. Trust that this is where you are meant to be, in this moment. With all that is transpiring on the higher planes, we, as a race, are being readied and steadied for the next step. We need to honour the great purpose for which we came.

We are moving through the veils of this 3rd dimensional illusion on many levels. Our physical form, the part that we most strongly identify with, is the biggest challenge to our complete integration. Our integration into a complete sense of Oneness with, not only all parts of our individual selves, but with All That Is.

The higher the vibration, the easier it will be to connect and stay connected with the Whole and Complete Being you currently are, on the higher dimensions.


Take a moment to feel what this feels like. Expand your energies to feel your connection to All That Is. Breathe in this increased energies and know that this is you at your core. This is you - full and complete within your Self, and from this sense of power and confidence, align higher still with your Divine Purpose for this lifetime.

Seek it out and get comfortable with the infinite possibilities that are presently waiting for you to find them. A smorgasbord, of unlimited abundance, awaits. Are you ready to accept and step fully into your own Power?

With the Venus Transit we have all been guided to release the old ways of being, the old beliefs, The old, in preparation for our rebirth into the newness and oneness of creation. To do this we must listen to all parts of our being. If you are being guided to take time for you, do so. This is a time to go within and allow all the newness to fully integrate and blend with a calm, relaxed and peaceful you.


It is only during times of repose where you are able to fully open to the Divine within your Soul. That place where you know in your heart and Soul where your passions lie. Where you are fully prepared to embody the Spiritual Warriors that you all are. Where your Highest Purpose aligns with the Divine Creator, ever ready to assist in your quest for Self discovery.

Breathe in these higher vibrational frequencies as you step into your rightful place in the Universe as the fully embodied Gods and Goddesses that you are. And then, seek to be of service to those who call to you knowing that the infinite abundance of the Universe is yours in exchange for doing whatever service is requested of you.With each breath, give thanks for this gift of Life.

With each breath, radiate the fullness of your being. With each breath, know that you are a Divine Being here to make manifest Heaven on Earth, whatever you believe your Heaven is.

Be blessed and shine the Light that you are in every moment and forevermore.


Blessings to you all.

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