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Katrice Balmer


The Journey To Self


These answers that you seek are available in every moment if you would but slow down and allow for the dawning of a new reality To Take Form.

The conscious mind sees and relates to a 3rd dimensional reality; the life that you have been involved with since you came into this human form. Life on the other dimensions is such a different reality that it does indeed take time for your rational mind to bring it into form in this dimension.

Are you truly ready to perceive life through the new eyes of this multi-dimensional Being that you are? Are you truly ready to let go of all the falsehoods that you were raised to believe were the truth?


Call to you the teachings and understandings that were yours prior to coming into physical form. Rejoice as the memories return to you from deep within your Beingness. The Journey is bringing you closer to your true home; in this reality.

Open to the way of the truth, as you originally perceived it on the higher realms. Bring this knowingness down into physical form and use it to bring into form the reality that you desire and seek.

No more to simply lament the time it seems to be taking to do all that you wish to do and be all that you wish to be. Instead rejoice in all that you currently are, knowing that you are on the right path; the path that is taking you closer to your own personal truth.


Sense the wholeness at the core of your being. Sense the rightness of the time and the space and the way of it all.

And then, breathe deeply Dear Ones as the path opens up ever more, beckoning you to seek even deeper, moving you forward on this Journey to Self.


Much Love and Many Blessings to you all.
Katrice Balmer
Soul Works

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