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Katrice Balmer


Moving Forward.


What is this fear concerning moving forward and beyond your previous ways of being. There is nothing to fear at all when there is an acknowledgement of the Divine protection being extended at this time.

A mighty shift in energy has been experienced by many of you and is of such a magnitude as to make you question, not only this particular shift, but your entire way of being. Relax. You are being readied, on the higher levels, for your next assignment.

The physical ailments that may be afflicting some of you are simply the Universe's way of telling you to slow down and pay attention. Perhaps there are areas in your life where you may not be in harmony.

There may be circumstances in which you find your selves that do not feel in alignment with your higher purpose. This is good, is it not? To be able to 'see' where you are out of harmony and not in alignment with the highest purpose for you, this time around.


The entire planet is also experiencing her own discordant energies and we see how that is affecting her own physical structure. The planets and the stars above are shifting and changing positions, which in turn affect not only the planet but all of those living on it, such as you and I.

It is all part of that wondrous cycle of evolution that is constantly shifting and changing and moving to the next level of its incarnation, as are you.

You are never alone during this journey. There are many Souls, however, who still feel separate from the Oneness of All That Is and choose to disregard many of life's lessons.

This is not in your highest interest for, when you focus and pay attention to all that is, you learn to accept All that Is in every moment. It is through your own complete acceptance of all that you are, that enables you to move on to the next step of this wondrous Journey that is Life on Planet Earth.


This continuous cycle upon which you are currently riding has no end. It does however have many, many new beginnings all waiting to be experienced in divine right time and order.

What is holding you back from experiencing all that is new and beautiful in your life right now? What is it that you are holding onto that prevents you from moving on to the next cycle where all is possible, if you believe it to be true?

The knowledge that we have gleaned from our many sojourns here is all that we need to be able to turn the page. Step back inside and listen for all the answers to be revealed as you ask the important questions of your Self.

You have the power. You always did. It is now time to reactivate that Divine spark from which you first sprang.


Blessings to you all.
Katrice on Kauai

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