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Katrice Balmer


Moving To The Next Level


How many of you are faced with life changing choices at the present time? Does your mind get all clogged up with the possibilities and potential shifts that might, or could, or will occur?

Holding on to the side-rails will not be of any assistance unless, of course, you want to remain shackled to your present situation.

A fork in the road presents itself. Imagine if you will that you are now standing at the end of a long and winding road. On looking back you can see all the pitfalls and the roadblocks that you have encountered; leading up to this particular juncture.

You have been at this crossroads many, many times in the distant past. Lifetime after lifetime you have encountered similar scenarios, but this time, you are ready to finally move past any self imposed limitations that may have been erected those times in the past where the choices have seemed too immense those times in the past where you have chosen to take the lower road, the road of least resistance.


Not this time however. You can feel the push to move beyond all those old ways of Being, with those lowered expectations, that dictated your every move.

In this current situation, see your Self, looking forward, towards a new way of Being. A way of Being, where you are confident in your abilities to create from what has come before. ">Yes, create from what has come before.

You have a wealth of knowledge from which to draw upon, not only from this particular life, but from all those other times where you have been faced with similar challenges and choices.

So, as you stand looking forward to your future reality, allow your Self to visualize exactly what it is that you would choose if you could choose the perfect reality in which to exist.


Delve into your memory banks and seek access to your own higher knowledge; the knowledge that has been there all the time. The knowledge that has led you to this point in your existence and further still into your evolution.

You are not simply here to live and die. You are here to create from your heart's desire and in doing so, empower others with their own gifts of creativity.

So go ahead. Create from your hearts desire. Take the fork in the road that currently beckons. The light that is shining is on high beam, enticing you to move beyond your own self imposed limitations.

There are no limits in the work of the Soul. It is only this earthly existence that chooses to set limits on its greatness.


The Soul knows how far you can go. Tap into that wealth of knowledge that is yours to utilize in every moment and with every breath. Follow the light that leads you home.

Feel your heart open and fill with all the Light that you can hold; and then fill with more. Feel it over pouring and shining out for all to see.

That fork in the road doesn't look at ominous when it is bathed in the light and love that you are.

Take the next step. Your future beckons.


Katrice Balmer
Mind, Body and Spirit Alignments

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