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Katrice Balmer


Masters Within The Oneness.


Let us take a moment to invite in our Angels and Guides to assist us with this our Divine Communion with Source.

Allow your Selves to relax into a state of well-being. It is as simple as shifting your focus from what you see before you and what you see surrounding you with these physical eyes the illusions of this dimension. Breathe into that place deep in the centre of your Being and feel the peace that resides within.

Nourish this place within, for in so doing you will come into a state of well-being, effortlessly, in every moment. Spend time in quiet solitude regularly and this heightened state will indeed become your regular waking state. Honour the need for quiet and solitude. Welcome these quiet moments where you are open and able to receive divine guidance. Requests for assistance are always granted as you open to and release the gentle wisdom that you hold dear. Trust and have faith that that which you are requesting to manifest in your life is ready to be received.


Are you ready to receive from on High all that you desire?

Are you willing to live the dream you have projected into the future?

It is a choice before you. What do you choose?

As these questions resonate within your mind, allow your heart to rise up and add its light to the equation. Breathe deeply as you attune your physical body to the divine vibrations of your Soul.

Honour the breath as it grounds you into the fullness of your being. The physical body is the vehicle for Spirit this time around. Honour your body as you give thanks for the opportunity to serve at this time. Ground your own higher wisdom into this physical expression of the Soul. This life is a gift. Honour it as such.

All that you are is all that you need in this now moment and the next and the next and the next. What could you do; what could you be, if you could simply align all levels of your Self to this life, at this time?


The Divine Truth at this moment is that you are poised to move beyond anything you could have dreamed possible a few short years ago. All the dreams and desires that have come to the surface of your awareness are right before you now.

Are you ready for the next step in this journey that is your life? Are you ready to see beyond the illusions? Are you fully present? Are you here?

May the days ahead be blessed with Joy and Love as you move further along the Path.


Much Love and Many Blessings to one and all.

Katrice in Vancouver

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