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Katrice Balmer


We Are At One Within.


Our connection to the Divine rests within our Soul, our sacred vessel open to receive all that is available into the infinite. What if, just for this moment, we truly intend with all of our heart and Soul that we are at one within. Not we want to be. Not we should be. We are at one within. Feel what that feels like.

Let us sit for a moment in the Divine energies of Compassion, Love and Wisdom. Feel these energies as they swirl within and around you. Allow Divine Compassion, Love and Wisdom from Source, to permeate your Soul. Breathe into this Divine Vibration and know in this moment, that this is you.

You are blessed with the Divine attribute of Compassion. You are blessed with the Divine attribute of Love. You are blessed with the ability to access the divine attribute of Wisdom the wisdom of the ages. The knowledge that you already know, all you need to know, for this stage of your evolution. Sit for a short while in quiet contemplation with your Soul and read on with conscious intention for that which you are being guided to see.

So many of you are dealing with your own version of healing at this time. What is healing to you? Is it the release from pain and illness within your physical body? Is it the release of intense emotional issues that have been plaguing you all these many years? Is it the fogginess within your mind that causes you confusion, self doubt and fear? Or is it a sense of disconnection from all that you are and all that you desire to be?


Let us delve into what it is that you, right now, in this moment can do to serve in your quest for a healed physical body, a healed mental body, a healed emotional body and a healed spiritual body.

First take a deep breath and allow your Self to release the idea and belief that you are in need of healing that there must be something inherently wrong with you. In divine reality you are perfect, whole and complete at the centre of your Soul; the Soul that resides within this physical frame.

It is now time to fully release any feelings or thoughts you currently have that may keep you from moving into your full mastery at all levels of your Being. It is now time to release any old programming from the past that may be distancing you from the true reality of the you, that you are now.

Yes, there are remembrances of times long ago where you were hurt, afraid or confused, and more, but that was then and this is now. You are no longer the little girl or the little boy who felt imprisoned within his or her life. You are no longer defenceless or powerless in the midst of whatever challenges you are currently experiencing.

  You are here now, fully ready to commit to your growth and enlightenment and evolution armed with all the lessons that the past imparted to you. You are armed with all the lessons from other lifetimes wherein you also suffered many indignities or slights or abuse. You are also connected by your divine birthright to all the assistance necessary to move to the part of your journey. The part of your story where you become the Master of your own reality for all time.

So let us take a couple of deep breaths and ease into the fullness of our Being. Feel The Golden/White light above as it pulses down into your head. Breathe deeply and allow and consciously intent that the light wash over you filling you with the healing liquid light energies of the Universe. Feel your entire body as it fills with this pulsing liquid healing light. And now, feel the earth's vibration as it enters your feet.

Pull this deep red light higher into your legs, your torso, your arms, your shoulders, your neck, your back, your head. See the light from Source blend with the light of Mother Earth and feel the safety, strength and power formed by this union.

Take a long slow deep breath and settle into this place of safety, strength and power within. Feel the empowerment in this sacred place within. Simply breathe as you open to receive and allow infinite opportunities access to your Divine powers of creation.


Breathe in compassion. Breathe out Compassion. Breathe in love. Breathe out Love. Breathe in wisdom. Breathe out Wisdom. Feel the freedom gained as these Divine attributes align and blend with you, in this moment. Sit in this quiet, sacred space and feel your physical body fill with this heightened vibration. Breathe deeper still and allow your mind to quiet and fill with this heightened vibration. Breathe deeper still and allow your emotional body to emulate this heightened vibration.

And now as you sit in this complete, whole and balanced state, imagine, standing next to you, on your right Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Feel the energies coming to you from Quan Yin and know that you are joined in spirit and have always been. Bathe in the Divine Compassion that is coming to you, going through you and residing deep within you.
And now to your left, imagine, standing next to you, Jesus. Feel the energies of Divine Love and Acceptance coursing towards you from Jesus. Feel the spark of your own Christed vibration and know that you are joined in spirit and have always been. Bathe in the Divine Love and Acceptance that is coming to you, going through you and residing deep within you.
And now, sitting behind you, imagine the Buddha. Feel the energies of Divine Wisdom beaming into you and filling your mind with all the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Universe. It has always been so but now, you are fully ready to express and share your own unique brand of Divine Wisdom with, first your Self and then, with others as they come to you on their own unique healing journeys.

And finally standing before you, imagine your higher Self, staring back at you. Imagine the you, you would be if you could embody all that you see when looking forward.


Release all that no longer serves your higher purpose. Know that this is the beginning of the new way of Being for you. A way of healing on all levels through the simple act of accepting all as it is. What you see in your mind's eye and what you feel in your heart of hearts is how it is.

Breathe into this knowledge. Allow it to settle into every part of this physical being. The Mind, the Body, the Emotions; leading you into a much fuller way of Being. In this higher vibrational way of Being you are totally connected on all dimensions. You are fully capable of healing one step at a time. You are a magical Divine Soul here to make manifest Heaven on Mother Earth. You are home.


Blessings to you all.
Katrice in Vancouver

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