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Katrice Balmer


Shields Of Protection.


So it appears that another shift in energies has ruffled our feathers, has it not? Are we moving forward with ease and grace in complete acceptance of what is presently occurring in our lives OR are we holding up our crossed hands before us as if to say, “No, I’m not ready. I need more time”. Therefore throwing up barriers as a protective shield in fear of what's to come.

Know that when we erect our ‘shields of protection’, not only do they keep out or deflect negative energies but they also serve as a deterrent to the receipt of what is for our ultimate highest good. There are times for protection but there are also times to let our guards down as we allow all the wonders of the Universe to unfold before us, through us and in us.

What is your intention during these shifting times? Are you choosing to do what is for your highest good? Are you listening to your inner guidance? Are you following through on your dreams? If you are not choosing, or listening, or following through, what is it that is guiding you at this crucial juncture in the evolution of all?

Pay attention to where you are putting your intentions and, if you do not see your Self moving in the direction that you wish to be going, change your focus and move in that direction. It is all a matter of paying attention to your Self. Not to everyone else, but to your Self.


This does not mean that you forsake all others, no, but it is of utmost importance that you maintain a balance between giving your all to others and giving your ALL to your Self. This is not selfish. It is selfless, for if you do not pay attention to your own divine Self, you will falter on the sidelines never to move in the direction you are ultimately meant to be moving.

Many of you are Light workers, in Service to Divine Source and this is truly a glorious thing to be. Giving to others in service to the Divine Source of All. As you give so shall you receive, but are you allowing your Selves to be the recipients as well as the givers?

This has become such a challenge for many of the Path. Sometimes we forget that we too are deserving of receiving from others. Again I say, pay attention to what you are doing with your energies. Become more allowing as you move along your own unique Path of service. This Life you lead and this body in which you lead it are a gift that you are in possession of. Remember to honour it as such.


So now, what are you going to do with this wondrous gift? Honour it and love it and then allow your Self to be guided by your own unique dreams. Follow them along for your ultimate highest good, as you become the God and Goddesses you were created to be.

May the week ahead be full of love and laughter as you become the YOU, you wish to be.


Blessings to you all.
Katrice on Kauai

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