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Katrice Balmer


Speaking Your Personal Truth.


We are now being guided to speak our own Personal Truths at All times. Because of the armour that a lot of people are donning these days, we, of the Light, are finding ourselves ‘toning it down a bit’ so as not to rock the boat. Sometimes it isn’t even about sharing who you are with others but, more importantly, sharing who you are with You, at this time. It’s all about going beyond the illusions and into the reality that you seek. And what reality is it that you are currently seeking?

To resonate at the highest possible vibration, dispelling any doubts or limitations that are currently hindering your growth. Feel the flame burn and rise up to consume any and all inconsistencies within your Being. And as you clear the clutter within your psyche, feel the growth of someone new gestating within this physical frame. And who is this new Being standing here, looking back at you?

None other than the complete and total You that first touched down on Planet Earth. Coming into alignment with the fullness of your Being. With this re-alignment comes an awesome power emanating from deep within. Your True Soul’s power has risen above the denseness of this physical realm allowing you the true freedom to express exactly who and what you are.


There is nothing to fear, for as you realign daily and in every now moment, only the purest of divine words will issue forth from a mind that is devoid of the clutter of everyday living. Only the highest and purest thoughts will touch down within your ego mind and there will be only way to be and one truth to speak.

Step through the illusions into the Light and shine brightly. Feel the flame that burns within your Soul as it smoulders, rising up to transmute any and all lingering doubts or fears or hesitations that may be hindering your progress. Be in Light. Be in Love. Be in Joy as the Journey continues.

Speak softly and with loving thoughts to all who come to you. Just shine your Light for all to see, for now it’s in plain view. For all to see and all to share because you now know for sure The Flame that burns within your Soul It’s Love. It’s Light. It’s Pure. No more to question who you are and what it is you do. The knowledge that it is Divine need be your only clue. To show you that this Life you lead has switched to higher gears. All does unfold so smoothly now. There is no need to fear.


May your life unfold in Divine glory as you express the essence of your Soul in All Ways.

Blessings to you all.
Katrice in Vancouver

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