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Katrice Balmer


The Soul’s Path.


I give thanks to this Being; this Being that is Me. Evolving, ever-changing I'm where I'm meant to be. Moving through my daily life creating as I go. Becoming what I'm meant to be; just going with The Flow. No trust, no worries, no concerns to clutter up my head. Just Trust and Love and Divine Light; and knowing that I'm led; to the place within my Soul where I'm the best that I can be. In my heart, not in my head to where I know I'm free. To express thy Will with ease and grace and know I'll always be exactly in the time and place that is just right for me. Ahhhhhhhhh, blessings abound.

The path that I have been on for oh these many years has found me at a crossroads. There is no longer the option of going back to what once was. In my heart and Soul I now know this to be true.

My 'work' is not a job. It is a service to and from Source and now that I have come to acknowledge the sacredness with which I am endowed, I understand the need to go on a new Path; one which resonates more in alignment with a new way of Being and Doing.


There is a large element of fear and distrust the world over and, like it or not, we are affected by it, even if we are not consciously aware of these negative energies.

On a personal level, I find that I want to charge in, with my White Light blazing, and assist where I perceive a need. These energies however form an etheric barrier to the energies of others. The Souls behind these barriers perceive this Light as someone coming in who is going to take over or assert some sort of control over them. Instead of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, when in the energy of distrust, they see someone blinding them with the Light.

And what is this that we are all becoming? What we have always been? We are simply Spirit in human form. And, as spirit, we weave ourselves within a heightened vibration wherein the flow simply shifts from one wave to another. There are no set boundaries to define where one moment leaves off and another takes up. It is a continuous flow of energy. And yes, We are All part of this continuous flow of energy. But where is this flow leading?


Many of us are experiencing what can be best described as our own etheric barriers holding us back from our natural flow. But, in reality, these illusionary barriers are challenging us to move beyond our wildest dreams and desires and step into our own personal Mastery; full of abundance, joy, love and satisfaction in living a life well lived, In Spirit.

It is now the time for us all to remember the grandness of this Journey. This journey to Self is not about learning anything new or presenting seemingly new ideas to the world. It is about awakening to the good news that all we need do is remember why we came and what it is we are here to do.

Step into the heart the centre of your Soul, and allow your own Mastery to present him/her Self to you in the quiet moments when you are receptive to the promptings of your Soul and the Universal guidance that is ever present.


We are all on the same path to Wholeness and these are the times we were made for. The trainings are completed. It is now time for each and every one of us to step up to the altar and declare our true Souls as we share our collective Journey.

Stand up tall and vibrate at the height of Our Beings. Shine Our Light for all to see. Honour Our own unique power and potential.

Before you start to answer. Step fully into the centre of your Divine Heart and listen intently to the answers that flow forth.


Breathe into the Divine Knowing in the centre of your mind with the certainty that comes through an open and receptive channel. And from this place of conscious intention, anchor into what the best is for you. Not for anyone else but for You in this moment.

And then accept what is next as you move further along your True Soul's Path. The Journey, it does continue



Much Love and Many Blessings
to one and all.
Katrice in Vancouver

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