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Katrice Balmer


Unconditional Love.

Ever Present - Ever Shining.


The topic before us is unconditional love.

Not the fleeting love that so many choose to believe is the one and only love; the love of one physical being for another, a brief moment in time, in the life time of the Soul.

From this level, there is constant communion within the energy of Unconditional Love. We do, however, need to make time for this special communion with the Love of all that is.

There is still this concept that without the love of another, a physical being that we can see and touch and hold, we are somehow not complete. We are so tuned to looking for love outside of our own selves, that we lose sight of the unconditional love around us, coursing through us, available at all times, if we would but take the time to connect.


So now, let us speak of a higher way of loving within the confines of this physical reality.

Another's love is but a fleeting prelude to love on the higher planes. Take a moment to breathe deeply into the higher aspects of your Being; the places where you are connected in every moment to All that is, in the here and now; and beyond. Breathe into the energies of your Soul and merge with the memories of all that has ever been within the Lifetime of your soul.

You are here at this time, and in this place to remember all that you have ever been. Not who you have been to others but who you have been to you. Not how others have loved you but how you have loved your Self. Yes, your Self.

There have been many who have participated in your love throughout the ages. They have come and gone, as have you. Understand that you are all still together on other levels of your Being; in this very moment, an alternate reality, where you also have a life and loves in that dimension, all co-existing at the same time. However, we all know that time is merely an illusion to gauge our supposed progress in this lifetime, here now on planet earth.


For this moment let us let go of the 3rd dimensional/physical reality in which we traverse this current incarnation.

Breathe in unconditional love, the love of the Universe, the love of your Soul and breathe out any blocks about your abilities to thrive within this unconditional Love. A Love that has no conditions or expectations from you. A Love that simply is. Breathe it in as you fill with a light so full of wonder and truth that this is all that you know.

Let go of the emotions and personalities of your physical Self and the physical self of others and instead focus on the Love at the level of your Soul. The Love which connects you at all times, to all those that have ever been connected, through the physical energies of Love on this earth plane, time and time again.

Breathe in this knowledge and know that you are never separate in this love. The physical dimension of Love is fleeting but with the letting go of the physical aspects of Love we are reminded to go higher still where It is as it is, and as it ever was.


There may be times when we disbelieve that any of this could possibly be true for we are hurting at the loss of another's physical love. We must remember that we are so strong at the centre of our Being, that we truly can shift our energies and emotions from the depths of despair to the elation of unconditional Love, a Love so all powerful that we will wonder why we ever allowed ourselves to fall into the abyss of despair, wallowing there, hoping for release.

No, you will never forget these great loves nor the memories associated with those times. This you shall never do. It is important however for you to remember that they were all here to serve a greater purpose in the grand scheme of things.

These special Beings incarnated at the same Earth time to connect with you in the physical, all the while knowing, on the Soul Level, that this special bond would be for a short time only on this plane.

So, while they are no longer physically present, the bond that was forged during your brief sojourn together this lifetime is still as strong and supportive as it ever was. In fact, this bond is stronger than any physical love could ever be, simply because it is unconditional. This love has enveloped you since the beginning of time, that time when you first broke free of the original flame and set your spark free to explore life from other perspectives.


So now, from this place of inner knowing allow the rest of your life to begin anew. A life where you are truly in your own power and ready to accept another fully embodied Being into your life; should you choose to share your own unique Being with another in this physical life.

There are many waiting in the wings to join you on the special quest you have before you when you choose to open the doors of your heart to accept.

So open your heart in Joy and Love and acceptance for this next part of your journey. Open to receive the unconditional Love of the Universe into your heart and Soul as you move further along your own path.

Feel the peace that resides deep within. Breathe into the fullness of your Being knowing that you are fully empowered here and now. Fill up with the unlimited potential that guides your every breath.


And now, from this place of power and intent open to the fullness of your Divine Being and prepare to receive the infinite abundance of the Universe as it pours through you.

Imagine a band of angels surrounding you, beside you, above you, beneath you. Feel the unconditional love beaming at you from every angle.

Feel it as it moves through you uplifting you from the denseness of this physical form and bringing you into the vibration of your Soul, a level where all is one and one is all. Where all are connected regardless of the level upon which they exist.

Breathe it all in and breathe it all out. Feel the power from this place of divine acceptance and divine love and divine joy.


Blessings to you all.
Katrice on Kauai

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