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Katrice Balmer


What IF?


What if I could manifest anything I choose.....


Tis a might expansion we perceive within and without. The leap of Faith that we gently remind you of is right here before you. Listen to the whispers within your Soul for the answers are so very clear in this dimension.

Please remember, Dear Soul, that you chose this assignment. Throughout this entire existence you have been in training for this wondrous time, when you step fully into your own personal power. A power that will transform your Life as you currently know it.

As the excitement mounts it is imperative that you remain balanced within this heightened vibration. Remain fully conscious of the physical structure for your body is The Temple of The Soul.

Your Soul Is the power behind all you create. Yes, breathe in the expansiveness of the Universe and breathe out the expansion of all that you are. In this fully conscious state take advantage of all that you are, all that you have ever been and all that you are becoming.


Move with confidence as you traverse the terrain before you. Know in your Heart that your capabilities are endless and then activate them. These capabilities have always been there but, have you been conscious of them.

Have you opened to the possibility of the great ‘What If?’ What if I receive all that I desire? What if a truly abundant life awaits my call? What if I become powerful? What if I have to change? Change? Change is the only constant. Accept it now. Today.

Regardless of what has been the norm for you, from this day forward, choose to be conscious of all that surrounds you. Be conscious of what it is that your mind focuses on. Be conscious in welcoming the new dawn where all manner of possibilities await. A new beginning is once more upon you. In this very moment; and in this, and in this.

Align with the Divine Will of All That Is and fully access this huge potential within you. Call on all the powers of The Source to be with you and it is so. Ask and you shall receive. It is your Divine birthright. You were created to be the Masters of your own creation.


Namaste and Blessings on your Journey.
Katrice on Kauai

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