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Katrice Balmer


What On Earth Is Going On?


That which You Are is calling for release. The growth that you are experiencing in all dimensions has intensified these past few moments, for everything happens in an instant in 'universal time'.

While All That You Are is bubbling to the surface to be expressed as the Divine manifestation of All That Is, remember that you have a part to play in this Life. You are the lead actor, the main character.

All that you find your Self experiencing is what you intended when you first appeared on the scene. Take a step back and see with clarity all as it really is and then create from this Divine vision.


The physical eyes see from the perspective of the 3rd dimension, however, if you allow your Self to step back and become the watcher in this Divine Play that we are all creating, the veils lift and the days will dawn a little brighter as you see your Life as it really is, on the higher dimensions.

You have all that you need to move beyond this temporary confusion that seems to clutter up your mind. Bring forth all your Divine talents and use them to move further along the Path. Use all the confusions and doubts as fodder for the flames of transmutation. Burn off all that you no longer need in your life at this time and allow those same flames to build in intensity until all that you desire manifests in your current reality for it is already here now.

Empty your personal vessel of all that no longer serves your Highest purpose and allow your Self to fill with all that you need. Your future is calling. Can you hear it?


May your life be filled with many blessings,
as you awaken to the call of your Soul.

Blessings to you all.
Katrice on Kauai

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