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Katrice Balmer


What Would Love Do Now?


Simply allow and accept all as it is at the present moment. Do not try to hold on to something that wishes to be free whether it is another person or a thought or an idea of how things should be.

Letting go allows all parties total freedom to be all that they can be; as they choose to be. This is the physical relationship of which we speak.

On the Soul level there is always total connection the moment you choose it. On the Soul level, all there is, is love and peace.

No anger, no fear, no resentment, no judgement; only Love in each moment.

  In every moment you are in many dimensions. The one that you, as a human, are most concerned with at present are the physical/3rd dimensional levels.

There are also the mental and emotional components adding fuel to the fire of your discontent. However, once you realize that the strength and wisdom comes to you from your Soul self, you will realize that everything else in this current reality is simply a belief.

A belief in what you are seeing with your physical eyes, and feeling in your emotional body, and nagging at you from your mental state.

In the Soul reality these are simply projections that you have put out in front of you for you to learn and grow from.

  So it is not necessary for you to let go of others completely, only in the here and now of the 3rd dimension. Instead connect consciously on the higher realms where you are all spirit, where you are always connected as part of the One.

The disconnection you are feeling is simply a state of mind and a belief that you are powerless to affect change in the current circumstances. This is not true.

You have all the power within you at this very moment to connect through the Soul to those with whom you are currently experiencing a distancing.

Focus with conscious intention on allowing all to be as it is with the deep inner knowing that this is as things are in this moment. This is simply a moment in time and soon another moment will be upon you. Let go of the need for things to be as they once were and allow them to be as they are with the full knowledge that this too shall pass.


Blessings to you all.
Katrice Balmer

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