Divine Purpose

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


We all have a Divine Purpose in life, and that purpose is to consciously evolve into the Divine Creation that we have been created to be, and also to touch the lives of others in such a way that it assists them in consciously becoming who they truly are created to be as well.

At times our assistance is more noticeable than others, but sometimes it goes unnoticed because it happens on such a subtle level that it is hard to detect, or because we are not focused properly on it because our minds are so busy judging this and that.

Sometimes we even misinterpret the true meaning of things and cannot see the assistance of others for what it truly is. But no matter how we interpret it, its Divine purpose will be fulfilled at the Divine appointed time.


In this lifetime we have picked up the habit of labelling everything as good or bad, gain or loss, positive or negative, however I know that all things work together to bring about oneness between us on the Spiritual plane.

Sometimes we are even blessed with the Precious Gift of consciously being aware of this reality. When the time comes for someone we Love to make what I call transition, [the passage from his or her physical form to his or her Divine Spiritual form which is the eternal everlasting form] our emotions sometimes do not allow us to see this process as it truly is.

But if we simply stop and ask Goddess/God to show us the truth concerning this, and we are open to receive the answer that will come void of our limited reasoning and understanding, we will know that on the level of Divine Spiritual understanding, the one we Love simply ceased only to exist on this limited physical plane in the way that we had grown accustomed to knowing and seeing them.


Divine reality is, we are all connected one to another, Spirit-to-Spirit. There is 'No' separation between any of Goddess/God's Creation because we are all One.

This is one of the most important lessons that we are here to learn. However, since we have been in this physical form for so long some of us have come to believe falsely that the physical is all there is and once that has passed away it is all over.

No, that is most definitely not so. Actually there is no end; there are only New Beginnings. Equally we All, female and male are created in the Image and Likeness of Goddess/God.


Is there, or can there be an end to Goddess/God? No, of course not. So if there is no end to Goddess/God and we are all made in Goddess/God's image and likeness there is no end to us either. If we look to nature we will see that there is a cycle to everything.

In nature what we call death appears at one point along the cycle, but the death that we see is only the beginning of New Life, a transformation into a New Form. It is exactly the same with mankind.

One of our purposes in life is to serve one another in some way shape or form. Sometimes our service may seem like a disservice, however even a situation that may seem to be negative can serve a very positive purpose if we seek to learn from it, and not judge it or the person or situation that delivers it.


Remember, all things work together to bring about Oneness and Divine Truth. When a Loved One makes transition we usually say they have passed. Have we ever really thought about where they passed to?

To pass means to move on or ahead, proceed, to extend or run through. Our Loved One has passed, not come to an end or ceased to exist. Our Loved One has simply put down the physical form, garment, vehicle that was meant only for temporary use anyway.

The time came for them to step into a higher frequency (a Divine level of Spiritual existence) that does not need a physical vehicle. Spirit is a form that supersedes this physical existence. Our energy actually had to be stepped down before we could enter into and exist in this physical realm we call the Earth plane.


If we take the time to ask Goddess/God for the answers that we seek and we are still and silent long enough, Goddess/God will speak to us in whatever way needed so that we will hear clearly. Goddess/God will comfort us and bring us back to a place of true understanding and balance.

We will experience a natural loss for a while because we have grown so accustomed to having our Loved One here with us physically. However, we are now being offered a time to truly become closer to the one we Love. How is that so?

That is so because if we truly seek to remain connected to our Loved One we will have to develop ourselves further Spiritually. First of all that will put us in closer contact with Goddess/God, and in turn that will allow us to connect with the Spirit of our Loved One who is now our Ancestor that exists in Divine form.


We must heed the call and give more of our time to that which is of the Spirit because that is who we truly are.

Our Loved Ones and You and I are Pure Spirit, and we must tend to our Spirit properly so that it will be healthy and also so we will able to go through the many trials and tribulations that this physical life brings to us so that we will grow.

We must care for our Spirit in an even greater way than we care for our physical body. If we treated our physical body the way that most of us treat our Spirit we would have physically died many years ago from starvation.


When we do not give our Spirit the nourishment that it needs we are actually starving it, denying it the energy it needs to function properly. We must use the transition of our Loved One to motivate us to develop ourselves more Spiritually.

Doing so will guarantee a more fruitful and prosperous life, and we will be able to pass that on to our children, which are all of the children of the world. This is the only hope that we have to make this world a better place.

Our Loved One can now see the total picture and knows that Everything Is In Divine Order! It is now left up to us to carry on and to reach the heights of Divine Understanding and Knowledge that avails itself to us freely and openly.


We can do this with the help of Goddess/God and the inspiration of our Precious Loved One who has gone on before us in Divine Grace and Love.

Everything Is In Divine Order As We Follow Our Soul’s Melody.

Peace, Light and Love.


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