By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


I am so glad that Mother-Father Goddess/God is not a woman or a man like you and I. Men and women are to judgmental and unforgiving because we are still learning who we are and what our true role is in the experience called life.

When we make a mistake and we are being judged by a man or a woman, it can sometimes be like an assault.

They may talk about forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and Love, however when their actions are seen clearly there is very little forgiveness, mercy, compassion, and Love to be found.


When it comes down to the rule of many men and women true Unconditional Love and Sacred Compassion is no where to be found in their teaching and actions. Make a mistake and let the ruling human see it or find out about it and we are in for the ride of our lives. Most of the time we are going to take a ride back to the start of our journey, we are sent back to the beginning to start all over again.

When I was in the Christian church I was told this a few times. Watch out, Christians are the only ones that bury their wounded alive. Unfortunately that is not just the reality of some Christians, it is the reality of many religious and Spiritual organizations in existence today.

Make a mistake and condemnation is heavily heaped on you under the disguise of tough Love and holy compassion. Fall as you are travelling on the Path and you are sent back to your starting point or beyond, while you are being told that it is for your own good.


I am so grateful that Goddess/God does not come to my rescue like some of my sisters and brothers who have placed themselves in a position of seeing that others stay on the straight and narrow path.

If we trip and fall and are open to receive the Divine assistance of Spirit, we do not have to be fearful of what will happen to us because we tripped and missed the mark. The fear of Goddess/God is man made and not to be a part of our relationship with Spirit.

The fear of Goddess/God comes from man's limited understanding and also from man's fear of self. Spirit will come to us full of the Divine Energy of Unconditional Love and compassion when we trip and fall.


Spirit will soothe our wounds and help us to get back on our feet, while teaching us what we did that caused us to trip and fall. It is all about Unconditional Love.

Following that we are allowed to continue our journey with assistance if we need it. We are not beaten down with words of condemnation and badgered with man made rules and regulations that realistically speaking no one can maintain at all times, because none of us are perfect yet.

I am very thankful that I have seen and experienced the True Unconditional Love and Light of Spirit, because that has caused me to know that I am not to follow any woman or man even though I can and do learn many things from my sisters and brothers. However, I am not supposed to, cannot, and do not follow any man or woman.


I only follow the perfect teachings and Divine Direction of my Beloved Mother-Father Goddess/God. If I were to follow man I would never get to my final destination, because each time I would slip or trip I would be sent back to start all over again.

I Keep My Eyes Fixed On Spirit. If I Trip Spirit Will Be There To Assist Me.


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