By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


It is a Divine blessing to be a part of creation and be aware that being a part of creation is a blessing, and not feel like it is a curse.

Many people living today feel like life is a curse and they are barely living because they see life as being hard and always against them.

This journey called life that I am on is a blessing and it is full of a multitude of untapped blessings yet to be accessed. Whenever there is a problem it is not because life is unfair or life is a curse, it is because I have not learned something or I am not looking at things in the proper way.

Life is Wonder-Full, life is Beauty-Full, and so are you, me, and every other part of creation. I Am Enjoying Every Second Of My Life. Yes, Every Second.


Balance, I must find balance in everything that I do. Part of finding balance is advancing to the place of seeing things as they really are. I am A Divine Creation, my True Self which is my Spiritual Higher Self is perfect in every way.

I am in the process of linking my True Self to my lower self which is my physical worldly self. Now do not get me wrong, I do not see my physical self as just an unimportant lower form of life. My physical self is very important and a true blessing to me because it affords me things and opportunities that my True Self Spiritual Higher Self can not.

For me to have balance I must see things as they truly are. I am a Spiritual Being that is temporarily utilizing a physical vessel. I am part of The Divine, One With The Divine yet I am not The Divine. I must know that even though I am one with The Divine I am not equal with The Divine. Nothing and no one is or ever will be.


That mistake is made by many. Some feel that they are equal to The Divine, and others feel that some entities that they believe in are equal to The Divine. That is why we have people going around talking about Satan being in a battle with God.

There is no one or nothing that could ever come close enough to stand a chance of coming against Goddess/God to even loose a battle of any kind. That is the most ignorant thing that anyone could ever conceive.

Knowing that the whole of creation is equal one-to-the-other, and the whole of creation is also connected to, and a part of The Divine is my Divine and only reality.


Above that is knowing that The Divine, Mother-Father Goddess/God is far above me in every way yet I am still worthy enough to be One With the Creator of all things, the most Awesome and Wonder-Full Spirit there ever will be.

To know that Divine reality brings true balance to my existence. Because of that I can and now am creating the kind of reality that I am supposed to be creating. Nothing, I do mean Nothing can get in my way and stop me from being who I am created to be.

Spirit is with me and guiding me every step of the way, and I am following the Divine direction I am receiving and not looking back. Spiritual Balance Is My Divine Reality.


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