By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


I am grateful that I have been afforded the privilege of knowing you and having my Spirit/Higher Self consciously connect with you Spirit/Higher Self. It is a true blessing to make such a Divine connection. I am honoured.

What is a Gatekeeper? Someone who controls access to and guards the entrance to something. A Gatekeeper is also one who gives support. I Am The Gatekeeper of My Spirit. I am also the Gatekeeper of my physical body.

It is my responsibility to regulate everything that is allowed into my Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical beings. I know that I am a multidimensional being and I am responsible for every one of my selves. I may not be totally familiar with every one of them, however, that does not remove any responsibility from me.


I must open up totally to Spirit in order to learn what I must do to become totally familiar with who I truly am on all levels of my existence. I must also learn what I must be doing at all times to support my multidimensional selves adequately.

My Conscious Higher Self is supposed to be standing at the Gate of my Spirit and regulating what gains entrance. For me to know what should be allowed to gain entrance I must be in direct contact with Spirit.

That means that I must have Divine Communion with Spirit. I can only maintain the proper connection to Spirit through Proper Spiritual Maintenance. Proper Spiritual Maintenance can only come through daily Prayer and Meditation.


Maintaining a consistent Spiritual routine of Prayer and Meditation in my life will assist me in going through the process of Total Spiritual Re-Call, and that is the process of totally bring back to my remembrance who I truly am on all levels of existence, especially the Spiritual.

Each and every woman and man is the Gatekeeper of their Spirit. How well we do the job determines our place in this incarnation. Our place does not necessarily translate into physical or material prosperity, however that can be a part of it.

Our place in this incarnation for the most part has to do with our Spiritual maturity and our ability to respond to situations as the Eternal Spiritual Beings that we are, and not act like a massive hunk of physical matter that has a limited consciousness and life span.


Please notice that I said, ...act like. We are not this physical body that we see every time we look into the mirror. Likewise we are not of this physical world that we are temporarily travelling through.

That is why being a Gatekeeper is of the utmost importance. Every single thing that we allow into our Spirit is going to affect our Spirit and affect who we truly are in some way. Allowing the wrong energy in could cause us to have to incarnate one or more times to correct the damage done in this lifetime. What we do in this lifetime is very important.

Remember the example of our energy being like a pebble thrown into a pond, and how the energy from that pebble affected ever inch of that pond? The ripples from that pebble went out to the entire pond from the point it entered the water and was felt throughout.


Well think about this for a few minutes. The ripples from the energy that we allow into our Spirit affects us on every level of our existence, body, mind, and Spirit. That is one reason why we can get physically sick when we allow ourselves to get depressed. That would be bad enough if it stopped there but it doesn't.

The ripples from the energy that we allow into our lives send out ripples to our surrounding world, and those energy ripples affect everyone and everything to some degree in our surrounding world. Some of you have experienced your pets and plants get sick when you were not feeling well physically, emotionally, and/or Spiritually. Coincidence, not a chance.

That is the affect of the energy allowed into our Spirit and the ripple affect on everything in our pond, and it doesn't stop there. The ripples from our surrounding world also affect the worlds that touch our world, and the dominos continue to fall.


You and I affect the whole of creation through what we do and what we think in a greater way than we could ever comprehend intellectually. That is why we must awaken fully to the reality that we are Spiritual Beings going through a physical experience.

We must be diligent to do all that we can do to experience Total Spiritual Re-Call as we are travel through this physical plane.

The best starting point is to become the best Gatekeeper of our Spirit that we possibly can be. Are You Being The Best Gatekeeper That you Can Be?


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