Give Love

By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


Love Is The Driving Force Behind All Life. Love Is A Gift That Is Given To Us By The Divine.

The whole of creation is filled with and surround by Love all of the times. All we have to do is open up to it, share it, and let it flow freely and naturally as it is intended to do, and it will sustain us in every way.

Yesterday I was listing to a tape that I made back in 1983 of a group that goes by the name Koinonia (Koin-o-knee-a). Koinonia means fellowship and communion in the Greek. The song that really stood out to me yesterday was the one entitled Give Your Love. The main verse says this, "Give your Love and let it flow, cause it only takes a minute to let grow." Basically that is all the song said.

Did it need to say anything else? That statement alone is a truth that is extremely powerful and more than enough to meditate on and practice for many lifetimes. "Give your love and let it flow, Cause it only takes a minute to let it grow."


I have learned over the years that I must give my Love in order for it to grow just as the song said. Giving my Love is the only way that it can grow and flow as I am supposed to.

It is like investing money and receiving a return for the investment. The only difference in giving Love and investing money is there are no chances being taken when we give Love. We are always guaranteed to receive a return multiplied many times over when we give Love.

Love is the all powerful and all inclusive positive life creating and giving energy of Mother-Father Goddess/God. There is no energy more powerful than the energy of Love.


If you and I consciously hold the energy of Love at all times within us we have everything that we need. To focus on holding other positive energies is a good thing. However, why settle for just a portion of the treasure when the whole treasure is being offered to us?

To work with and hold the energy of Love means that we are working with and holding every single positive energy there is. It means that we are actually holding the Universal Unlimited Power of Mother-Father Goddess/God.

You and I must always remember that Goddess/God is Love, and being one with Goddess/God makes us Love also. Need I say more? I Give Love Freely and Receive A Bountiful Return of More Love.


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