By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


The Love and Light of Spirit Is Shining Bright Within You and Also Within Me. The Love and Light of Spirit is the most Wonder-Full thing we could ever experience.

The Love of Spirit is the Life Force in and behind the whole of creation. The Light of Spirit is the energy that reveals all truth and lights the way so that we can follow our Path Home, follow our Path back to Paradise safely.

The Light also reveals all of the man made illusion that is waiting to try and sidetrack us, lead us astray, and get us off our Divine Course of Light. When we have the Love and Light of Spirit consciously in our lives, we are allowing the Energy of Spirit to do it's Divinely appointed duties, and there is nothing that can successfully come against us. Isn't that Simply Divine?


I am grateful for everything that has been, and everything that is a part of my life experience. There is not one thing that I have experienced in this lifetime that I am not fully grateful for, because every life experience to some degree is responsible for me being the Spiritual being that I am today. I Give Thanks.

I am most grateful for the Divine Personal Intimate Relationship that I have with Spirit this and every day. There is nothing that merits the magnitude of appreciation that I have for that Divine Relationship.

I am grateful for my conscious awareness that I am an Eternal Spiritual Being and not a mere mortal human being. I am also grateful that I have consciously connected with some of my Spiritual sisters and brother while travelling through this incarnation, because there are many out there who do not have a clue about who they are and who those around them are as well.


We are the Son's and Daughter's of The Most High Mother-Father Goddess/God. We are heirs to the crown of Divine Abundant Love, Light, and Pure Righteousness. Is there anything else left to desire? No there isn't.

I feel a need to Give Thanks to Goddess/God on a daily basis, to show how Grateful to Spirit I truly am. That is the least I or anyone can do. Without Spirit we have nothing. Without Spirit there is nothing.

All of reality is a part of Spirit. Anything outside of Spiritual Reality is non-existent, it is an illusion, a deception of the mind.


I have no time to waste giving any focus to that which is a part of man's home made deception and his illusionary ways.

I focus whole heartedly on the Love and Light of Spirit because it is the only thing that has any substance. It is the only thing that is real.

I am Eternally Grateful to Goddess/God for everything. Thank You Mother-Father Goddess/God. What Is Gratefulness To Me? Gratefulness Is Consciously Committing My Entire Existence To Goddess/God.


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