By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


Sharing Unconditional Love From My Heart Is The Most Precious And Most Valuable Gift I Could Ever Give. My Beloved Sisters and Brothers when I say; "I Love You" I am sharing with you from the very core of my being.

When I give my Love to you I am giving you a very special part of myself. I am giving you a part of me that is made up of both my mother and father, and it even goes deeper than that. When I say; "I Love You" I am giving you a Divine part of myself that is greater than any energy known to mankind, I am giving you a part of Spirit that dwells within me. To truly Love someone we must give them the best that we have.

It blesses me tremendously to hear from you and find out that you are receiving what I am sharing with you. I do not expect you to agree with everything that I share. I simply want you to be open enough to hear what I am saying because if I am in error maybe you have the piece that can guide me in the right direction.


It also blesses me to know that you understand that I am just like you, a fellow Spiritual being travelling on the Path of Total Spiritual Re-Call, one who is waking-up to true reality, and true reality is Spiritual Reality.

Beloved, Thank You for blessing my Spirit. Thank You for receiving Baba-Kundi Ma'at-Shambhala just as I am. In doing so you are also receiving and accepting yourself as the Sacred Being that you are.

Together we are fortifying our Oneness with each other and also fortifying our Oneness with our Spiritual Parent Mother-Father Goddess/God. That is the ultimate blessing of all.

The Goddess/God In Me, Bows Down To The Goddess/God In You.


The word Namasté is a very powerful word. When we speak it I believe that the entire host of Heaven stop and take notice of the honour that we are bestowing upon each other. Namasté, I Honour The Divine In You, The Goddess/God In Me Bows Down To The Goddess/God In You. Namasté is a most powerful salutation.

At present I am in the process of re-programming some of my actions. Two things that I am in the process of re-programming are the way that I greet people and the way that I end my conversations and depart.

I want to greet people and depart from their presence with words or a word full of power. Because of that I am in the process of re-programming myself to at least start all of my conversations with Namasté and to also end them with Namasté instead of just saying hello and good-bye.


Greet everyone with power and leave everyone with power is uplifting, and everyone needs as much uplifting as possible. To some that may sound a little far out as us baby boomers used to say years ago. But knowing even the little that I know today about the power of words, and how some words carry creative energy, and other words carry destructive energy, I know that I must be conscious of the words I allow to flow from my mouth.

I want to share with those I come in contact with as many words of power as I can.

The first part of my life was lived hearing and experiencing a lot of negativity through the words and actions of many people who were around me. I thank Mother-Father, Goddess/God that I had a father who was full of Unconditional Love and had no problem sharing it. That was my relief from all of the negativity that was surrounding me.


I do not mean to take anything away from my mothers Love because she Loved me as well. However, she was guarded in the way that she shared her Love because of a few of her life experiences.

I am so grateful to Spirit for blessing me with a father who was full of Love and was not afraid to share it with others. My dad Loved everyone, and he taught me to do the same. I am eternally thankful to Spirit and also to my father for that blessing.

In part I am who I am today because of the Divine Unconditional Love that my father shared with me. That Sacred gift was passed down to me from my grandmother to my dad and then to me. Now I pass it on to my children and also to you and everyone I meet.


As you and I know the precious gift of Unconditional Love originates from within our most Precious and Sacred Mother-Father Goddess/God.

I commit myself to be one of a multitude of vessels of Unconditional Love that freely and continually pours out the blessing of Unconditional Love on the whole of creation. I Am Love because I Am One With Love Itself. I am one with my Spiritual Parent Mother-Father Goddess/God.

My Beloved Sisters and Brothers, Thank You for allowing me to share the Love that is within my Spirit with you. I know that I get more out of sharing Love with others than I get out of receiving Love. I say that because when I share Love with others it comes back to me multiplied many time over.


I am sure that many of you know what I am saying. It is the law of reciprocity, sowing and reaping. We plant a seed and it brings forth a small bud that grows into a mighty tree. That tree then produces fruit and also more seeds after it's own kind that produce more trees, more fruit, and more seeds again.

The process repeats itself over and over as long as at least one seed is planted. That is why I am planting seeds of Unconditional Love in my interactions with others. Thank You for helping me make this journey through this physical plain a pleasant Love filled journey. I Love You, Beloved.

I Love Because I Am Love and You Are Love. I Also Love Because I Know That Love Is In Need Of Love Today.


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