By Baba Kundi Ma'at Shambhala


The Divine Is Always With Us. It really feels good being alive and awake to see and know the blessings of Spirit. I am grateful to Spirit that I am living life in a Spiritual and conscious state of being. Life Is Simply Divine.

I have come to understand that my life can not be what it is supposed to be if complete Spiritual order is not a part of it.

One major way of bringing complete Spiritual order into my life and into my surrounding world is through setting the proper priorities in my life. I must do that which is best for the awakening of my Spirit to help facilitate Total Spiritual Re-call within me.


Setting the proper priorities in my life helps bring order to my life, and orders constant companion and twin flame is balance. See what happens when you I let order in, blink your eyes and look who's tagging along for the ride, good old balance.

Spiritual order and balance coupled with Love and Light fuel and navigate my Spirit and my physical being. When I allow the Divine power of Mother-Father Goddess/God's Love and Light to flow freely in my life as it should at all times, and couple that with the proper priorities and balance on all levels of my being, there is nothing that can stop me, there is nothing that I can not do that is within the Divine Will of Goddess/God.

One extremely important priority that has been revealed to me and I was reminded of today was to set the proper amount of time for the nourishment that my Spirit needs. I must know when to say no to whatever interferes with that. That was brought back to the forefront of my mind because of the job I am now working. The owners of the company will intrude on my personal and Spiritual time if I allow them to do so. I know this because they have already tried to do that a few times. I briefly talked to them about it but I now know that I must formally lay out parts of my priorities that relate to them and the business in a much clearer way.


I cannot afford to allow anything or anyone to get in the way of the flow of Spirit in my life. For me to change my priorities to meet the needs of others, or allow others to change or set my priorities to meet their needs or to meet what they believe my needs are is unacceptable and will never be a part of my reality.

I am the only one that is supposed to and will be creating my reality, and I must create it well through the Divine Energy of Spirit's Love and Light, coupled with proper priorities, and balance.

I Allow Priority and Balance To Take Centre Stage In My Life. It Is Time For Both Of Them To Stand In The Spot Light. Spiritual Balance Is Always My Divine Reality.


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